Dowel Jig Woodworking Drilling Locator

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The Dowel Jig is an adjustable fence that allows for precise drilling alignment that is perfect for woodworking. 

The jig itself has an anodized surface that is specially designed to resist corrosion and provide durability.

The steel guides ensure accurate alignment when drilling for perfectly positioned holes in your cabinet.

Undeniably, this easy-to-use tool can greatly improve your woodworking projects.

✅【 TIME SAVER】 No need to re-measure when you drill, the jig cuts down the hardware installation time by 70%.
✅ 【 High-Quality Material】The Dowel Jig is made of high-quality aluminum alloy 6061 and die steel( drill bushing), high hardness and strength, and durable to use.

✅ 【Functional Size】Comes with 6/8/10 mm bushings. And is suitable for clamping 30-130 mm wood board.
✅ 【Adjustable】The Dowel Jig is adjustable and helps you drill accurately.

✅ 【Convenient】With the practical Dowel Jig, you can do more conveniently your woodworking projects.

✅ 【Professional】A great tool for both furniture factory and woodworking enthusiasts. Great for all construction workers, professionals, and cabinet makers.


Color: Black/Red/Blue

Material: High-Speed Steel

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Polly Sawayn

wonderful product!

Jarrell Howe

very useful product! Thank you.