Self-Adhesive Smart Cord Wrapper Organizer (3pcs)

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The ultimate solution for keeping your cords and cables tidy and organized.
With its innovative design and powerful features, this cord organizer is here to revolutionize the way you manage your cables.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and messy spaces as you embrace the convenience of self-adhesive backing and strong adhesive, ensuring a secure and long-lasting hold. Its universal application makes it compatible with various cords and cables, providing a versatile solution for both home and office environments.

Save space and prevent damage to your cords, now you can enjoy a tidy and organized space and clutter-free environment.

Tidy And Organized:
Keep your cords and cables neat and organized with the Self-adhesive Smart Cord Organizer. Say goodbye to tangled cords and messy spaces as this handy organizer helps you maintain a clean and clutter-free environment.These cord organizers will help you keep your kitchen tidy without messy cables and will add extra space.

The Self-adhesive Smart Cord Organizer is designed with a convenient self-adhesive backing, allowing you to easily stick it to any smooth surface. No need for drilling or additional tools – simply peel off the backing and attach it wherever you need it.

Strong Adhesive:
Our Smart Cord Organizer features a strong adhesive that ensures a secure and long-lasting hold. You can trust that your cords will stay in place, even with regular use and movement. No more worrying about cords slipping or falling off surfaces.

Universal Application:
With its universal design, this cord organizer is suitable for a wide range of cords and cables.  this organizer can accommodate them all. Keep all your cords in one place and easily accessible whenever you need them.The cord organizer can be used for all kinds of kitchen appliances, such as mixers, coffee makers, blenders, air fryers, toasters, and more!

The Self-adhesive Smart Cord Organizer is a versatile solution for managing cords in various settings. Whether you need to organize cables at home, in the office, or even in your car, this organizer is up to the task. It adapts to different environments and helps you maintain an organized space wherever you go.

Excellent for all sorts of corded appliances, helps to protect the cord, and increases the durability and life service of the product.
Durable Construction: The Smart Cord Organizer is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It can withstand regular use and remains reliable over time.

Space-saving Design: By keeping your cords neatly organized, this cord organizer helps save space and eliminates clutter. Say goodbye to tangled cords taking up valuable desk or drawer space.
Prevents Damage: The Smart Cord Organizer protects your cords from being tangled, twisted, or bent, reducing the risk of damage. It helps extend the lifespan of your cables, saving you money on replacements.


  • The cord holder is easy to install. Just scrub the fixed position with clean water and wait until it dries before pasting it. After the cable organizer is pasted, please wait 6 hours before using it.

    Material: Plastic
    Color: White/Gray/Black
    Size: 10*3.*1.5cm/3.93*1.18*0.59in
    Package includes:3pcs

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Nyah Schultz

Super useful, very happy with my purchase😎👍

Dimitri Kilback

It is fantastic🤩

Leif Mayert

All ok, very useful for the wires not to turn around