MiracleFix™ Glass Nano Repair Fluid (2pcs)

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Is It Possible To Repair Any Glass Damage In Minutes?

Yes, it is! You can save tons of time and money on costly repairs and replacements with this wonderful product that will change your life! The astonishing MiracleFix™ Glass Nano Repair Fluid can repair any glass from phone screens, TV, Windows, Car Windshields and more! 

Are you tired of paying bills to repair your car glass continuously? We usually face small fractures that distort the windshield of our cars. Even if you don't have any fractures on your car glass, Get this product and keep it if you face sudden fractures.

You can use this product to repair any glass, not just the car window.

It removes air from the break, fills it with durable resin and makes it even stronger than before. For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water. The kit works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter and cracks not longer than 12 inches. 

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Quick repair in 20 minutes
  • Repairs various types of damages caused by traffic accidents, collisions, bump
  • Single-ingredient - eliminates mixing
  • Creates an invisible, undetectable repair in damaged automobile windshields or other laminated glass for windows
  • Fills the air cavity with a strong penetrating adhesive that will bond the loose glass and restore the visibility
  • Saves time and money
  • Perfect for repairing car windows and glass screens of any digital gadget

Your days of worrying about those cracks in your view are over with this all-new Windshield Repair kit that makes you feel confident about your car’s appearance again while saving valuable time and money. This kit is the easiest one you will ever use when it comes to repairing your windshield. 

Package Contents:
2*Repair fluid
5*Cured films
1*Repair blade


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Everything is ok! Great product!

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