Military Grade Polymer Buckle Tactical Belt

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100% quick dry stain resistant military grade nylon belt and Japan Made high quality polymer buckle. 

It is perfect for frequent traveler as it able to went through airport metal scanner without taking it off.

Why military grade belt?

All PillowBread belts are produced using military-grade nylon webbing. Below is why we only choose the highest quality material and how it benefits our customers!

Wait, what does Military-grade webbing belt Mean?

Military grade webbing belt was initially invented and engineered for bad scenarios and for delivering payloads safely and reliably. But alot of customers requested us to produce a nickel-free, allergic free, comfortable and easy to wear belt, hence, we offer it with our top quality polymer buckle. Yes this belt ain't breaking. This is why we guarantee our belts can last forever under normal use.  




The belt width is 3.9cm (1.5 inch), Length: 125cm-170cm (see variants) Cuttable to fit your waist size. 

Heavy duty Polymer Japan Made buckle. It is fully adjustable(to your perfect comfort level), it has no holes in belt. If the Strap is too long for you, you can cut & heat-seal to reduce the size.


Perfect belt for casual wear, sports activity, outdoor activity and work. It is very suitable for both men and women. 

Unlock the YKK buckle and draw out the nylon belt to alter its length.

Move your flame gradually and seal them so they won't fray(unravel or become worn at the edge).  

Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

Please note: due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, some minor delays in product delivery are possible, we are doing our absolute best to make sure you get your products as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Charles R Poole

They are great, easy to side, and good looking belts

Francis Waring

excellent product