180° Swiveling Space Saving 3-Outlet Plug Adapter (US Plug)

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Our 3-Outlet Wall Adapter is a great gadget that expands the capacity of an existing outlet and ideal for tight spaces.

It converts a single polarized outlet into three and its compact design makes it perfect for travel.

Any size plug can fit in this outlet adapter thanks to the extra-wide adapter spaced outlets on each side of the wall tap. 

180° swiveling design vertically swivels this outlet adapter up or down to plug cords in facing up, down, or to the front depending on preference.

You can also swivel the outlet and keep plugs close to the wall in tight places which saves much space.

Compact size, a direct plug-in design that utilizes a slim form factor to accommodate 3 outlets which allow you to easily slip this adapter into your laptop bag or carry-on.
Expands Wall Outlets: Convert 1 polarized outlet into 3 convenient adapter-spaced outlets with this unique wall tap.
US Adapter One In Three Converter 180 Degree Rotation Extension Plug Wireless Outlet Travel Adaptor Light Socket In Japan Canada (9)
Easy Access: With the added space that this tap adapter’s ultra-thin design offers, you can now have space for all of those bulky adapters.
180° Swiveling Outlets: Two steps of use, the first step is to fix the 2 pins to the jack, and the second step is to manually rotate to the angle you need.
US Adapter One In Three Converter 180 Degree Rotation Extension Plug Wireless Outlet Travel Adaptor Light Socket In Japan Canada (8)

Compact & Portable: This allows you to easily slip this handy adapter into your laptop or carry-on bags. Small and lightweight, direct plug-in design that is great for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and offices.

Sleek & Stylish: This innovative and compact adapter tap comes in 5 vibrant colors to accentuate your existing décor and is perfectly sized so that your centralized powering station doesn’t become a distraction.
Ungrounded Outlets: Ungrounded 2 prong outlets allow you to safely plug 3 110-250v AC devices into a single outlet

Rated Power: 1500 (W)

Rated Current: 15 (A)

Material: Plastic, Copper Alloy

Rated Voltage: 110-250 (V)

Weight: 15g

Size: 6.2 x 4.4 x 1.5 cm

Color: Blue, White, Green, Pink, Yellow

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very fast delivery

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The product works well and arrived very fast

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Very good! I'll definitely buy more!