Sacroiliac SI Joint Hip & Lower Back Pain Relief Support Brace

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Designed to provide exceptional support and relief for sciatica, lower back, pelvic, hip, and leg pain, this belt perfectly stabilizes the sacroiliac joint, reducing pressure and discomfort. 

This brace offers high support and compression, making it ideal for alleviating pain caused by prolonged sitting, standing, or inflammation. Made from lightweight, anti-slip material, the belt stays securely in place, providing continuous comfort and stability 

The smart design allowing for a customizable fit and optimal support. Suitable for both men and women, this unisex belt can be worn under or over clothing, offering a versatile solution for pain relief  without adding bulk under clothes.

Relieves SI Joint and Lower Back Pain: The adjustable hip compression SI brace supports the lower spine and hips, relieving pain, pressure, and stress caused by pelvic instability or SI joint dysfunction. This medical-grade belt effectively stabilizes and supports the pelvis and hips, providing the best solution for back pain, hip pain, pelvic pain, upper leg pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, or piriformis syndrome.

Superior Comfort and Stability: The SI joint brace remains securely in place thanks to its anti-slip material, and its lightweight design ensures comfortable long-term wear, whether around the house, during sports, or at night.

Extra Support All Day Long: Three back straps on each side offer high support and compression, making it ideal for alleviating lower back pain caused by prolonged sitting, standing, or inflammation. Stay fully active with our trochanteric belt, suitable for both women and men!

Day and Night Therapy: Depend on our advanced lower back support belt for acute joint pain. Wear it day and night for two full weeks to experience effective relief.

Highest Quality Materials: Invest once and benefit for years. Our sacroiliac belt is crafted from durable, high-quality materials, serving as an effective hip stabilizer for both women and men.

Discreet Design: Our belt is 12 cm wide, providing extensive hip support without adding bulk under clothes. The generous 117 cm length ensures a perfect fit for most body sizes, offering discreet support for both men and women.

Unisex Design: Suitable for both men and women. Measure right above your hips to ensure a proper fit. The belt can be worn under or over clothing for stabilizing compression.

Anti-Slip and Durable: The unique anti-slip material ensures the SI joint brace stays in place, no matter what. Lightweight and durable, it can be worn comfortably for extended periods during various activities, including sports or even at night.

Easy to Use and Adjust: The smart design allows for easy adjustment of tightness, compression, and support. The two elastic tension straps can be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit, and the strong hook & loop closures with 'smart tabs' make it easy to unstick the straps. Clear instructions are provided for hassle-free use.

Available in two waist sizes: 75-115 cm (30-45 inches) and 116-140 cm (46-55 inches). It perfectly stabilizes the sacroiliac joint, alleviating pressure on the pelvis, buttocks, legs, and hips.


Package Contains: 1 Piece * Sacroiliac Hip Brace

Product Name: Sacroiliac Hip Brace

Colour: Black

Sizeadjustable, Waist: 76-114cm/30-45in / 116-140 cm (46-55 inches)

Material: Cotton, nylon

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