PawCleaner™ - Portable Paw Washing Cup

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Are you tired of having to wash your dog's paws after every short walk outside? 

This PawCleaner™ ensures your pup won’t track mud into your home and it does the cleaning job without any distress to your pet. Just add water to the tumbler—lined with soft, sturdy silicone bristles—and insert a muddy paw to remove mud, sand, dirt and more. A clean paw (and happy pet) are all that remain.



  • Light and compact design - easy to carry around to the park are long walks with your dog.
  • comfortable and relaxing - the soft bristles inside will massage your dog's feet while it cleans them.
  • Removable and washable  - simply remove the cleaning pad, wash it and you are ready for the next time.

How to use:
    1.  Fill the PawCleaner to about two-thirds full of water. If preferred, add some foam cleanser or shampoo into it.

    2. Insert your dog’s paw into the PawCleaner and jiggle it for 1 minute.
      Let the soft bristles delicately but thoroughly clean their pads and claws. (For first-time experience, try starting with your dog’s rear leg to get used to the new experience)

    3. Repeat the process for each Paw and your dog is free to run around leaving the dirt in your PawCleaner and your carpets/floors stay clean.

How does it work?

The Extra-Soft Silicon Bristles inside swirl gently on your dog’s paws to clean out
any dirty debris accumulated from the outdoors, simultaneously massaging your dog’s paws to make for a comfortable and relaxing experience!


  • Material: Plastic and sillicon 
  • Sizes: 
    medium - 8.2x11.2x6.3(cm) / 3.2″x4.4"x2.4"
    Large - 9.2x12.2x7.3(cm) / 3.6"x4.8"x2.8"

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