YCCRI Half-frame Prescription Reading Glasses

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These YCCRI Half-frame Prescription Reading Glasses Come With Useful Optical Attributes Such As Mirror, Polycarbonate,

Their Comfortable Nose Pads And Lightweight Will Make You Forget You Are Wearing Them!

Their Flexibility And Functionality Makes Them The Best Addition To Your Wardrobe!

Premium Materials: We use only the finest materials in crafting these glasses. The frame is constructed from high-quality metals or durable yet lightweight plastics, providing sturdiness without unnecessary weight.

Sleek Design: The half-frame design strikes the perfect balance between functionality and style. It offers the structural integrity of a full frame while keeping the lower portion of the lenses unobstructed for a clear field of vision.

Comfortable Fit: Designed for prolonged wear, these glasses feature ergonomic contours and adjustable nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit for all-day use. Say goodbye to discomfort or slipping, even during extended reading sessions.

Precision Optics: Our diopter lenses are meticulously crafted to provide precise magnification, allowing for clear and distortion-free reading at various distances. Whether you're reading a book or working on intricate tasks, you can rely on these glasses for optimal visual clarity.
Versatile Style: Suitable for both men and women, these glasses exude timeless elegance. Whether you're in a professional setting or relaxing at home, they add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate (impact-resistant) lenses are shatter-proof and provide 100% UV protection. They're also ideal for strong prescriptions since they do not add thickness when correcting vision, minimizing any distortion.

Soft Silicone Nose Pad: The comfortable Silicone Nose Pads Will Make You Forget You Are Wearing Them.

Lightweight: they fit firmly to the ridge of your nose without slipping down or leaving marks on your skin.
Mirrored glasses are glasses with a reflective optical coating (called a mirror coating or flash coating) on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like small mirrors. The lenses typically give the wearer's vision a brown or grey tint. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10–60%, making it especially useful for conditions of sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes.

Flexible: These eyeglasses are very bendable and will return to their original shape even after they are twisted and turned.


Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror

Lens Height: 3.3cm/1.2 IN

Coating: HMC

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Lens Width: 5.5cm/2.1 IN

Frame Material: Plastic

Optical Attributes: Photochrome, Polycarbonate

Total Width: 133mm

Nasal Width: 17mm

Temple Length: 135mm

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Very nice glasses

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I really liked the glasses! I Recommend them