MagicFix™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel 20ml ***2pcs***

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Are You Worried About The Holes, Scratches, And Tears On Your Expensive Leather Armchair? We Have The Best Solution For You!

The Functional Magicfix™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel 20ml Can Easily Fix Burn Holes And Rips, Holes, Scratches Or Tears And Make Your Expensive Leather Armchair Look As Good As New!

Suitable For Any Leather Surface. The Gel Offers A More Vibrant Tint And A Clean Finish. Once Dried, You Can’t Tell The Difference!

* Easy To Use
* Upgrade Your Vehicle
* Super Fast Restoration
* Save On Expensive Repairs

Get The Magic Fix and Bring Your Expensive Armchair Back To Life!
1pc 20ml Advanced Leather Repair Gel Car Seat Home Leather Complementary  Color Repair Paste Leather Repair Tool Cream Agent| | - AliExpress
Repair car seats, office chairs, furniture, bags, jackets, and shoes like a pro.
Easy to Use: Just apply the repair gel without using extra tool or skill

Super Easy Restoration
Easily and quickly repair holes, tears, and scratches on any color leather and vinyl.
20ml Car Seat Leather Repair Agent Black White Leather And Vinyl Repair Kit  Car Instrument Panels Sofas Coats Leather Repair Gel| | - AliExpress
Upgrade Your Vehicle: You might think it takes a lot of money to make your car look like new again. Whether or not that’s true, you can still achieve a better-looking vehicle without having to spend a whole lot of money or time.

Available In Two Colors: White for bright colors, Black for dark colors. For a colorful tone, you may need to paint it, but our product will definitely fix and cover the surface completely.
40 Best Sale 2020 Advanced Leather Repair Gel Black Leather And Vinyl  Repair Kit Cleaning Supplies Leather Repair Cream| | - AliExpress
Save On Expensive Repairs: This amazing gel is perfect to get the best finish that matches any color car seats, shoes, couches, office chair, belt, bag, purse.

Black Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit Furniture, Couch, Car Seats, Sofa,  Jacket Maintenance Shoes Leather Repair Cream Agent| | - AliExpress
Keep Smooth & Glossy: Made of high-quality material which can offer full protection for the surface of leather & prevent oxidation

Professional Results
Works great on new or old leatherette, faux, synthetic, PU, or premium upholstery.
Wide Application: Apart from car devices, it can also be applied on any leather surface object like a jacket, shoe, bag, furniture, etc.
50ml Car Care Liquid Leather Repair Kit Auto Complementary Color Paste Car  Seat Sofa Coat Hole Scratch Cracks Polish Paint Care| | - AliExpress

How To Use:

  1. Clean Area And Apply The Repair Gel Evenly
  2. Let It Dry Or Use A Blow Dryer
  3. Done


Weight: 20g
Colors: Black, White
Package includes : 2 x MagicFix™ Advanced Leather Repair Gel 20ml 

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