Waterproof HD 1080P Endoscope Camera with 2.4 In IPS Screen

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Our Industrial Endoscope Camera – a compact powerhouse for seamless inspections. Boasting a 2.4-inch HD IPS screen, 170° viewing angle, and adjustable LED lights, it ensures crystal-clear visuals in tight spaces.

Its ergonomic design and 11.5FT cable simplify one-handed operation, while IP67 waterproofing tackles diverse environments. With a range of practical accessories and a long-lasting battery, this camera is your go-to for efficient and effective inspections in plumbing, auto repairs, and beyond.

2.4-Inch HD IPS Screen: Experience unparalleled clarity with the 2.4-inch HD IPS screen of our industrial endoscope camera. The 5.5mm micro camera captures a vast 170° horizontal viewing angle, delivering realistic visual effects and high-definition pictures. The six adjustable LED lamp beads ensure optimal illumination, making every inspection task a breeze.

Professional Industrial Camera:
Built for durability, our IP67 waterproof borescope excels in wet environments, effortlessly handling rainy days and challenging conditions. The non-slip matte body ensures a comfortable grip, making it light and convenient for extended use in various industrial settings.

Wide Range of Applications:
Eliminate the need for WIFI, mobile phones, or apps—our inspection camera is your ideal assistant for industrial work. Perfectly combining convenience, beauty, and practicality, it simplifies tasks in mechanical inspection, auto repair, plumbing, housework, and maintenance of walls, chimneys, or air conditioning systems.

Convenient Handheld Design:
Designed for one-handed operation, our borescope inspection camera features an ergonomic and convenient handheld design. The 11.5FT semi-flexible cable, allowing for arbitrary bending, effortlessly reaches narrow and small areas. The practicality of this design enhances efficiency in various industrial tasks.

Multi-Functional Practical Accessories: Enhance your capabilities with our versatile inspection camera accessories. The magnet facilitates retrieval of objects in hard-to-reach places, while the hook assists in picking up items from sewers or other confined spaces. The side mirror provides a different perspective, adding flexibility to your inspections.
Powerful and Portable: With a quick power-on and play functionality, the 2.4-inch screen displays a smooth 1080P resolution, ensuring a clear view. The 5.5 mm front camera tube's compact 3CM length excels at navigating corners, and the IP67 waterproof camera ensures reliable performance during pipe and sewer inspections.

Long-Lasting Battery: Equipped with a built-in 2600mAh battery, our endoscope camera offers 4-5 hours of uninterrupted working time. This ensures you can complete tasks without interruption, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.
Adjustable LED Lights and Rigid Cable: Tailor the illumination to your needs with adjustable LED lights. The rigid cable easily shapes to your requirements, navigating obstacles effortlessly during inspections.
Versatile Tool for Various Uses: The ergonomic design and easy-to-control buttons make this inspection camera a versatile tool for plumbing, car repairs, wall and pipe inspections, leak detection, and rust assessment. Its compact design allows for one-handed operation, providing flexibility in various applications.


Lens (mm):  5.5 mm

Wire Type: Hard Wire

Certification: FCC

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Customer Reviews

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Daphney Jones

Turned out better than I expected... Excellent.

Eli Swift

An excellent endoscope. 3 Levels of backlight brightness. Image clarity. Arrived very quickly, was shipped on the day of the order.

Lenore Wiza

It works well and the screen is good.

Delores Johns

The quality and brightness are pretty good. Comes with additional accesories like mirror, hook etc. Don’t know about the battery life yet. Definetely recommend!

Murphy Kirlin

The device is cool and convenient, I recommend Thanks