BugFree™ 2 in 1 UV Bulb Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Are mosquitoes ruining your life? Avoid toxic pesticides, this lamp will keep you safe!

Protect your family from Mosquitos with ZERO Effort. BugFree™ utilizes advanced technology that will quickly rid the area of mosquitoes, bugs, and flies. The adopted light-wave technique captures mosquitoes in a full 360 degrees, keeping you from being disturbed by these annoying bloodsuckers.

Unnoticeable & Comfortable:
It doesn’t make any noise, it requires no effort, it doesn’t leave any smell and will save you from using pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Healthy and Safe:
It was created to keep you protected, but safe as well from dangerous chemicals and toxic pesticides. This product has been tested on many people from campers to even gardeners to ensure safety!

2 in 1:
Coming with a wall switch, this efficient lamp allows you to switch between modes-lighting, lighting, and bug killer, giving you the ability to use for different functions. To use the zapper function, all you have to do is flip the switch twice. You can also mute the lamp for a silent operation that won't affect sleep.

Indoors and Outdoors:

This amazing lamp is excellent to use in both the garden or inside the house whenever is most convenient for you!

3 Different Modes:
You can choose between three different modes: Light and Mosquito Killer, Only Light, and Only Mosquito Killer. Use it while you sleep so you are protected!

Helps You Sleep Well:
With its silent mode, this amazing BugFree™ Lamp will keep your sleep undisturbed and peaceful.

Energy Saving:
LED technology drives the BugsAvoid-Bulb, so minimum electrical consumption is guaranteed together with 25.000 hours of life!

Environmentally Friendly:
Using the latest ultrasonic technology with zero application of dangerous chemicals or sprays, our Electronic mosquito killer guarantees a safe, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly bug control option that assures maximum safety for children and pets.

Easy to Use:
Simply put it on a lamp like a regular bulb! Naturally fights off dangerous ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes so you don't need to visit the ER! Fitting in any 220V /110V light bulb socket, the BugFree™ works both as a regular light as well as an insect zapper.

220V 240V E27 LED Mosquito Killer Lamp 9W/15W 2 In 1 LED Ball ...
Socket: E27
Light source: LED
Power: 15W
Input Voltage: 220V /110V
Working life: 10,000 hours
Material: Plastic:
Please note:  the Input Voltage: 220V /110V of the product and the electric plug type of the lamp holder will be sent out according to the country where is being shipped

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