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This Multifunctional Wireless Remote Control Duplicator is able to make a copy of any key in almost any kind of frequency with just a few simple steps!

Easily duplicate your existing remote control for cars, car sunroofs, garage doors, rolling gates, heating systems, wireless anti-theft devices, etc.

Don't worry about privacy and safety. It adopts one-to-one key copy

A replacement for remotes with fixed and rolling code frequency from 280 to 868 MHz

Setup Instructions

1. While pressing button 1 of the remote, press 4 times button 2.

2. Release both buttons. Now the led should emit a quick flash every 2 seconds.

3. Press and hold button 1 of the original remote control until our remote led flashes every 1 second. Press button 1 of our remote control to save the code.

4. The copy has been successful, after copy success, activate the remote on the receiver, this action should be close to the gate opener. Press button 1 of our remote until the led flash and goes off. Now your new remote is ready to work.

Please note: Please don't use the original remote control before activating the new remote control.


Product material: ABS
Product size: 50*40*10mm
Product weight: 30 g
Rated voltage: 3 V
Installation: wireless
Learning frequency range: 287MHz,300MHz ,306MHz ,310MHz ,315MHz, 315.5MHz ,330MHz, 360MHz ,390MHz, 410MHz, 430.5MHz, 433.42MHz, 433.92MHz, 868.35MHz, 286-361MHz, 384-400MHz.
Radio transmission distance: 30-100m (Open area)
Scope of application: garage door, alarm, automatic door, rolling door, etc

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