EZ Scrubber™ 3 in 1 Cleaning Brush & Scrubber With Soap Dispenser

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Save Time Doing The Dishes And Keep Your Sink Looking Cleaner And Neater With This Amazing Scrubber! The Brilliant Combination Of Soap Dispenser + Brush + Sponge Will Make It Extremely Easy To Wash Your Dishes In No Time! The Nylon Brush Is Non-stick Pan Friendly. Is Easy To Use, Durable, Comfortable And Will Make Washing Dishes A Lot More Fun!

3 in 1: A combination product like this one has two different heads for the soap-dispensing handle: This nylon brush, which has bristles that are soft enough to use on nonstick pans, as well as foam sponges, which also come with a scrubber side. (Some customers keep both on hand and swap them depending on what they're washing.) 

Easy To Use:
Just fill the handle from the bottom and press a button to squirt out the perfect amount of soap for the job. 

Easy To Clean: Once you're finished, the brush can be propped up in a sink caddy or hung to dry using the hole in the handle.

Soap Dispenser: This functional scrubber easily squirts soap with the light push of a button

Durable Materials: Durable nylon bristles

Safe For Non-Stick Cookware: The bristles and scraper are safe for nonstick cookware. 

Clear Level Visibility: Clear body lets you see when it's running low on soap.

Materials: Nylon

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