3 Stage Pro Knife Sharpener

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If you have a knife then you need a sharpener, this 3 Stage Pro Knife Sharpener is a must-have for every home and kitchen. Sharpens any knife in seconds, easy and simple to use.


3 Stage Pro Knife Sharpener has 3 slots: 2 Slots for your Steel Knives - A Coarse Slot to get your Blade in shape and a Fine Slot to hone it to Perfection. It also has one slot especially for your Ceramic Knives. The slots are easily detachable for comfortable washing. An optional extra slot set is available for purchase.


3 Stage Pro Knife Sharpener is the one and only knife sharpener you will ever need. It is super easy to use and sharpens all your dull knives quick and easy. It has an easy to use grip handle to hold firmly while sharpening and it is very safe to use. The 3 stage Knife Sharpener is compact, attractive with an excellent design and a must have in your kitchen.


FOREVER SHARP:  The 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener will keep any straight edge steel knives constantly sharp. Your kitchen shouldn’t be without The 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener!


NICE HANDLE AND NON SKID PADS: You can securely handle The 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener without worrying about cutting yourself or it moving while sharpening. Because of the unique designed handle and non slip base for added safety and control it will never slid or move while sharpening.


SHARPEN WITHOUT REMOVING BLADE METAL:  The 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener takes away very little metal on your knives edge. The 3 Stages Professional Knife Sharpener creates a razor sharp edge on any knife with just a few strokes and restores and polish blades like new.




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