wooden 21.65 IN Long Handle Shoehorn With Magnetic Base

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Introducing our 55CM/21.65IN Wooden Long Handle Magnetic Base Shoehorn – a fusion of practicality and elegance designed to revolutionize your daily shoe-wearing experience.

Crafted from high-quality beech wood with a modern and sleek design, this shoehorn goes beyond its stylish appearance. The elongated 21.65IN handle ensures convenience, making it easier for you to slip into your shoes without bending down.

What sets it apart is the magnetic base feature, offering easy storage and accessibility, ensuring your shoehorn is always within reach. Elevate your routine with a touch of sophistication and the unmatched ease provided by our long handle shoehorn.

Wear Shoes Easier: Experience the ultimate convenience in putting on your shoes with our 55CM/21.65IN wooden long handle shoehorn. This magnetic base shoehorn streamlines the process, making it effortlessly easy to wear your shoes, saving you time and effort every day.

Long Handle Shoe Horn: The elongated design of our shoehorn ensures a comfortable and practical experience. The 55CM/21.65IN long handle allows you to slip into your shoes without the need to bend down, making it an ideal solution for those with mobility challenges or anyone who values convenience in their daily routine.

Easy Storage: The magnetic base of the shoehorn allows for convenient storage, ensuring that it stays within reach whenever you need it. Simply attach it to a metal surface, and your shoehorn will be right where you left it, ready to make your daily routine easier.

Material: Beech: 
Crafted from high-quality beech wood, this shoehorn not only provides durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine. The beech wood material ensures a smooth glide for your feet, preserving the integrity of your shoes while assisting you in wearing them with utmost ease.

Modern Design: The modern and sleek design of our shoehorn complements any style or aesthetic. Whether you have a contemporary or classic taste, this long handle shoehorn adds a touch of sophistication to your shoe-wearing ritual. It's not just a practical tool; it's a stylish accessory for your daily routine.


Size: 55CM/21.65IN

Material: beech

Color: nut-brown/Natural color/Vintage color

Characteristic: Magnetic

Style: Long handle Shoe Horn

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