DIY Refrigerator Drain Hole Clog Remover / Dredge Cleaning Kit

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Our Refrigerator Drain Hole Cleaning set designed to tackle stubborn buildup within refrigerator drain systems. This set offers all the essential tools needed for a complete cleaning routine.

The Snake Drain Brush effortlessly reaches deep into drain pipes, while the Suction Syringe Hose allows for precise injection or flushing of liquids to maintain cleanliness. Additionally, the Plastic Scraper efficiently removes debris from various surfaces without causing damage.

Its thoughtful design targets hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough clean without damage. 
Engineered for efficient and gentle cleaning, ensures thorough cleaning without compromising surfaces.


Snake Drain Clog Cleaning Brush: Crafted with precision using a combination of stainless steel and nylon bristles, this tube cleaner brush effortlessly tackles stubborn stains and buildup within your refrigerator's drain system. The bristles provide a gentle scrubbing action, ensuring effective cleaning without causing any damage to the tubing.

Suction Syringe Hose: Equipped with a versatile suction syringe hose, this cleaning tool allows you to inject or pump liquids into specific pipes. Alternatively, you can use warm water to efficiently flush out drain holes in your refrigerator, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Plastic Scraper: The included plastic scraper serves as a handy tool to peel off dirt from various surfaces, whether it's ice cubes on refrigerator walls or debris in a fish tank. Its practical design adds an extra dimension to the cleaning process, ensuring a thorough and effective removal of unwanted substances.

Unique Design: Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this combination kit is tailor-made for cleaning pipes, particularly those in hard-to-reach and narrow spaces. The thoughtful design ensures ease of use and allows for repeated utilization, making it a sustainable and reliable cleaning solution.

Widely Applications: This comprehensive cleaning set is not limited to refrigerator drains alone. It finds utility across various applications, including fish tank cleaning, filter systems, ornaments cleaning, and the maintenance of hose, glass tubes, and water pump accessories. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool for various household cleaning needs.


Material: PP
Package includes : 5pcs set


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Customer Reviews

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Tessie Douglas

Nice kit that I now keep by the refrigerator so that it's always available and not get lost. Very good quality too.

Billie Wehner

All right, as advertised.

Clyde Ward

Really impressive, I didn't really believe it but the verdict fell the water is black!!!

Benjamin Ward

Very satisfied. It works super well👍👍👍
I was amazing what all came out🤦🏻‍♀️