Industrial Anti-Fog Large Lens Lightweight Full Face Protection Gas Mask

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The 6800 Anti-Fog Gas Mask is designed to provide comprehensive protection in various industrial settings.
It is ideal for activities such as industrial painting, spraying, and working with hazardous chemicals.

-Anti-Fog Design
-Full Formaldehyde Protection
-Large Lens
-Lightweight Design

This full-face respirator ensures clear vision and full formaldehyde protection, offering safety and comfort for the user.

Anti-Fog Design: The 6800 Anti-Fog Gas Mask is equipped with an advanced anti-fog lens to maintain clear vision, even in environments with high humidity or chemical exposure. This feature is critical for tasks that require precision and attention to detail.

Industrial Paint Spray Respirator: Designed specifically for industrial applications, this respirator effectively protects against dust, vapors, and various hazardous chemicals encountered during painting and spraying operations. It ensures that harmful particles do not compromise respiratory health.

Full Formaldehyde Protection: The mask offers complete protection from formaldehyde, a common chemical in industrial settings. This ensures that workers are safeguarded from inhaling formaldehyde vapors, which can cause significant health issues.

Safety Work Filter: The integrated safety work filter efficiently captures and neutralizes harmful chemicals, ensuring that the air inhaled is clean and safe. This is essential for maintaining long-term respiratory health in hazardous environments.

Facepiece: Full Respirator: The 6800 is a full-face respirator, providing comprehensive coverage and protection for the entire face, including the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Large Lens: Wide Field of View: The mask features a large lens that offers a broad field of vision, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety and efficiency in various tasks.

Lightweight Design: Balanced and ergonomic, the design ensures comfort during prolonged use, minimizing fatigue and allowing for extended wear in demanding environments.

Silicone Faceseal: Comfort and Durability: The silicone faceseal provides a secure, comfortable fit and is designed to withstand the rigors of industrial use, ensuring long-term durability.

Filter Cartridge Protection Objects:

Box No 3: Protects against organic gases and vapors, including benzene, ketone, and carbon disulfide. These substances are commonly found in industrial processes and can be harmful if inhaled.

Box No. 4: Effective against ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These chemicals are often present in agricultural, mining, and chemical processing industries.

Box No. 7: Provides protection from acid gases in steam, including sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen oxides. These are prevalent in chemical manufacturing, waste treatment, and other heavy industries.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Hold the end of the strap with both hands and pull the strap so that the mask completely covers the upper nose and mouth area. Attach the clip to the back of the neck to ensure the mask is sealed to the face.
  2. Pull the end of the strap again to tighten further.
  3. Before use, check the mask to ensure it is properly sealed.
  4. During use, if the user smells odors or experiences increased inhalation resistance, replace the filter box or cotton filter immediately.

Special Considerations:

  1. Do not use this mask when the oxygen concentration is less than 18%.
  2. Avoid use when:
    • Hazardous substances are not disclosed.
    • The concentration of hazardous substances immediately endangers life and health.
    • Harmful substances can be smelled or tasted.
  3. Pre-use training should be conducted by a qualified person.
  4. When not in use, store the mask away from pollutants and seal it properly.

Connection Type: Bayonet: Allows for quick and secure attachment of the filter cartridges.
Facepiece Type: Full Reusable Facepiece: The mask is reusable, offering cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
Harness Type: 4 points: Ensures a stable and secure fit, distributing the weight evenly across the head.
Main Material: Silicone Thermoplastic Elastomer: Provides a balance of flexibility, comfort, and durability.
Package includes:
▪ 1Pc x Mask
▪ 2Pcs x 3# / 4#/ 7# Filtrating Box
▪ 10Pcs x Cotton Filter
▪ 2Pcs x Filter cap

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Customer Reviews

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Lynn Breitenberg

The mask is good quality, well made, the packaging arrived damaged, but the product intact. The filters are also good.

Presley Tromp

Exelente! Good quality, just need to prove it,

Lela Jacobson

Excellent product, arrived quickly and in a box. The mask is an excellent fit ,and I have a big face. No scratches on glass as it had a protective cover. The canisters are sealed in a bag ,I won't open the bag until I need too as the charcoal absorbes air as soon as they're opened. It also had a protective bag and lots of paper filters.Really I couldn't be more pleased, I wasn't sure it would arrive intact to Northern Ireland..

Davion Langworth

Everything came to me, the mask is good, not sweating

Matt Friesen

Item is in accordance with the ad. The item arrived undamaged. The item looks good.