7days Pill Organizer + Reminder Alarm

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  • 7-Day Medication Organizer with Alarm- 7 large capacity pillboxes and loud alarm and medication reminder.

    The alarm will not stop periodically until special 'alarm acknowledged' button is pressed.

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  • Loud Beeping Alarm Up to 4 Times A Day- Loud beeping alarm reminds the user to take their pills up to 4 times daily with 4 alarm settings for morning, lunch, dinner, and bedtime
  • Detachable Pill Timer with A Key Buckle- Detachable pill timer can be used alone; convenient for users to prepare the medicine for a few days on a short trip in advance
  • 28 Slots to Keep Your Pills Organized- Each pill box compartment is detachable and has 4 each time-of-day compartments with secure lids respectively, keeping the dust and moisture away and avoiding unintentional opening during travel
  • Dimension: 1.4 cm (W) * 2 cm (L) * 2.6 cm (H) for each slot; 9 cm (L)* 1.6 cm (W) *2 cm (H) for each detachable part. Great to keep multiple pills, capsules, tablets, vitamins, etc. organized
  • Can take off each line of pills box and attach the timer .
    Each line of box can be combination together for using of daily or two days, three days...Ect.




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