Furniture Leg Silicone Floor Protectors Pad Cups

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Introducing our 8PCS Chair Leg Floor Protectors – the ultimate defense against scratches and scuffs. With premium felt bottoms, these protectors offer a sturdy and durable solution for maintaining the integrity of your floors.

The versatile design provides optimal coverage, accommodating various chair leg angles and transforming dragging annoyances into smooth, delightful slides. Effortless to install, the stretchable TPE construction ensures a tight fit, guaranteeing these protectors stay securely in place.

Perfect for parents seeking child-friendly scratch protection and anyone tired of the irksome sound of chair legs against the floor, these protectors offer a universal solution for a quieter, scratch-free living space. Elevate your furniture experience with our innovative chair leg protectors.
Premium Quality Felt Bottoms: Bid farewell to flimsy chair leg protectors with thin felt! Our 8PCS Chair Leg Floor Protectors boast a robust and heavy-duty felt bottom that surpasses the competition. Unlike cheap alternatives, this sturdy felt stays intact, ensuring a durable and long-lasting solution for protecting your floors.

Versatile Design for Optimal Coverage: Experience a revolutionary chair leg protector design that addresses common issues. These protectors offer extensive surface coverage on the bottom of chair legs, accommodating various angles. The felt wrapping ensures a secure fit, even when chair legs aren't perpendicular to the floor. Say goodbye to dragging, scratching annoyances and welcome smooth, delightful sliding.
Tight Fit with Stretchable TPE: Introducing a game-changer – our chair leg protectors feature TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that stretches to provide a snug fit on chair legs. Crafted as a single, solid piece of rubber, these protectors offer a tight, secure grip. The thick and robust TPE construction ensures longevity and resilience, eliminating worries about peeling or flattening.
Effortless Installation, Stay-On Guarantee: No more struggles with putting on chair leg protectors! Our product ensures easy installation while guaranteeing a stay-on fit. The secure attachment is particularly beneficial for small round chair legs, allowing them to slide effortlessly on hardwood floors without leaving scratches.

Child-Friendly Scratch Protection: Parents, rejoice! If your toddler enjoys playing with chairs and tends to leave scratches in their wake, these chair leg protectors are the ideal solution. Enjoy peace of mind as your little one explores without the worry of damaging your floors.

Silent Sliding for Enhanced Comfort: Are squeaky chairs disrupting your peace? Our chair leg protectors not only shield your floors but also transform irritating chair leg noises into silent, smooth slides. Say goodbye to the scraping sounds and hello to a more serene and comfortable living space.
Universal Solution for Floor Protection: Whether you're tired of the scratching sounds or suffering from chair legs damaging your floors, these chair leg protectors are your go-to solution. Elevate your furniture experience with a reliable and effective safeguard for your floors.



Color: Black

Size: 075inch, 1inch, 1.25inch, 2inch

Shape: Round Square Chair Leg Protectors
Package includes - 8pc

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