N10™ Ultrasonic Rechargeable Dog Anti Barking Training Device

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Introducing our Ultrasonic Dog Anti Barking Training Device - the ultimate solution to train your dog and curb unwanted behaviors. With high-power dual sonar heads emitting safe and effective sound waves, this device captures your dog's attention without causing harm.

Say goodbye to excessive barking, digging, and more. Discover advanced features, including extended range, versatile modes, and convenient portability.

Embrace effective training with our USB-rechargeable Dog Anti Barking Training Device.

100% Safety: The Dog Barking Control Device offers a gentle yet compelling method to capture your dog's attention without causing harm to either your furry friend or yourself. Similar to a dog whistle, this training device effectively aids in curbing undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking, digging, unhealthy food consumption, and aggressive tendencies. With this device, you can foster positive behavioral changes in your dog while maintaining their well-being.

High Power Performance: Equipped with a potent dual sonar system, the Dog Barking Control Device operates with exceptional power and efficacy, surpassing the capabilities of single-head devices available in the market. Emitting irregular frequency sound waves ranging from 20Khz to 25Khz, this innovative feature prevents dogs from acclimating to specific ultrasonic frequencies, ensuring enhanced effectiveness over time. Elevate your training efforts with the high-power performance of this device.

Multi-Functional Excellence: Introducing a multifaceted solution with its Dog Barking Control Device. Sporting a sizable built-in battery, a mere 2-hour charging session fuels a full 30 days of operation. With two distinct sound wave modes, this device holds the ability to break a dog's immunity to certain auditory cues, making training sessions more engaging and productive. Embrace versatility and efficiency in dog training through this device's unique features.

Expanded Control Range: Powered by groundbreaking technology, the Barking Control Device boasts an expansive control range that extends up to an impressive 25 feet. This extended reach ensures that your training commands remain effective, even at a distance. By providing a wider sphere of influence, this device enables you to influence your dog's behavior in various settings, both indoors and outdoors.

Portability Redefined: Crafted with convenience in mind, the Dog Barking Control Device sports an ergonomic design perfectly tailored to fit comfortably in your hand. The inclusion of a climbing buckle and hand rope ensures effortless portability, enabling you to carry this ultrasonic marvel wherever you go. Whether you're indoors or embarking on outdoor adventures, this device guarantees that effective dog training remains within arm's reach.


Type: Dogs

Model Number: N20

Material: Plastic

Item Type: Repellents

Is Smart Device: no

Effective range: 5-10m

Color: Black Blue Pink

Brand Name: ABQP

Battery capacity: 500mA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Garnett Terry

This Dog repeller does work. I tried it on average-size dogs in park, and they were always running away from ultrasound source, expressing suspiciousness and fear. Operating distance is 3-5m.

Leonie Sanford

The product arrived at its best. Tested on a flock of stray dogs. Turned on the device at a distance of about 10 meters. All four dogs were blown away by the wind! So very satisfied with the purchase!

Georgiana Gusikowski

Good product. Working properly. Queek delivery. Thanks

Annabell Mills

As described, packing is normal
A great thing a dog cannot understand what it is and starts to hide