Adjustable Pneumatic 90 Psi Portable Sandblasting Gun

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Introducing our Adjustable Sandblasting Gun, a powerful and versatile solution to tackle stubborn grime, rust, scale, and corrosion, even in the most challenging spaces. Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and welcome the efficiency of sandblasting with our portable and ergonomic paint spray machine.

  • Air Pressure: 90 PSI
  • Portable and Lightweight Design
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Suitable for Various Sand Mediums: Glass beads, river sand, emery, quartz sand, etc.

Upgrade your cleaning and restoration game with our Adjustable Sandblasting Gun – the perfect tool for precision and power in every sandblasting task!

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Powerful Cleaning: Been scrubbing but the grime doesn't budge? Blast it with sand! Our handheld sandblaster is designed to remove rust, scale, and corrosion efficiently, providing a thorough cleaning solution for various surfaces.

Versatile Mediums: The large capacity hopper allows you to load different sand mediums such as fine sand, black steel jade, silicon carbide, and more. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of sandblasting applications. An English manual is included for detailed instructions.

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Portable and Lightweight: Easily store and transport our sandblasting gun, thanks to its portable design. The lightweight construction prevents muscle fatigue and discomfort during extended use, ensuring a comfortable and efficient sandblasting experience.

Adjustable Airflow: Take control of your sandblasting with the adjustable airflow feature. Tailor the intensity to your specific needs, making it a versatile tool for various projects.
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Pneumatic Efficiency: The pneumatic sandblasting gun is perfect for tasks like metal rust removal, detail finishing, and polishing. It ensures fast sandblasting speed and uniform sanding effects with its convenient design, including a thickened nozzle and low-resistance inner wall.

User-Friendly Design:
Anti-slip handle and comfortable grip for extended use.

Aluminum alloy trigger and high-hardness steel valve core for durability.

Wai design ensures easy operation.

Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for residues, rust removal, old parts renovation, impurity cleaning in tight corners, atomization, deburring, and addressing various surface imperfections like carbon, welding slag, paint, or wear marks.



Power Type: Pneumatic

Cup Volume: 21lbs
--Usage: Home DIY
--Application: Sandblasting Machine
--Air Consumption: 7.0cfm
--Cup Volume:21lbs
--Intake Connector:1/4 inch Pneumatic Sandblaster Antirust Sandblaster
--Pressure: 90psi
--Intake Connector: 1/4 inch
--External Diameter: 11.5mm / 0.45in
--Nozzle diameter: 6.5
--Caliber: 6.5mm / 0.26in
--Item Weight: 632g / 1.39lb

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