Air Ozone Germicidal Filter and Purifier

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 Clean the air that you breathe with the incredible Air Ozone Germicidal Filter and purifier!

Applying the principles of natural lightning charges, it turns oxygen into ozone (O3). When O3 hits pollutants like viruses, bacteria, mold or germs it attaches itself to their molecules and eliminates them, destroying their cellular membrane. It's extremely useful to clean the air from bad smells, smoke, bacteria, viruses, mold and pungent odors. 

 Removing Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses:

Disease-causing substances like bacteria, germs, and viruses are often hiding in plain sight. Places like the kitchen sink, bathroom floor, TV remote, and even the salt and pepper shakers can all hold bacteria and germs, increasing the likelihood of sickness in your home. Air Ozone Germicidal Filter and Purifier, however, has proven abilities to remove many disease-causing substances by attacking the contaminants at the molecular level.

_03Killing Mold and Mildew:

Using ozone air purification to “blast” or “shock” mold and mildew is a common commercial practice. Airborne mold spores can be extremely harmful to health, especially the lungs and respiratory system. they can trigger asthma and allergies, so removing them is always a top priority. With ozone purifiers, mold can be removed in a relatively quick and affordable fashion.

99.20% Formaldehyde Removal Rate:

Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical and is considered to be a universal sensitizer by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), which is a chemical that can make a person sensitive to all harmful chemicals if there is a big enough exposure.

Formaldehyde is added to household products, paints, coatings, plastic products, pesticides, cosmetics, mattress ticking, leather goods, adhesives, glues, resins, synthetic fabrics, permanent press bedding, clothing, furniture like desks, bookshelves, beds, kitchen cabinets, and more. Air Ozone Germicidal Filter and Purifier can help you remove 99% of formaldehyde particles in the air.

Reduce Fatigue:
Enjoy improved cardiac function, better lung function, reduce fatigue, promote metabolism, relieve dizziness symptoms, enjoy more mental clarity.

Removing Odors:
In the same way that it attacks mold or bacteria cells, ozone gas will also attack the physical airborne cells that make odors.  Using ozone gas is often a last-ditch effort to remove an odor. When other techniques, such as cleaning solutions and scented air fresheners fail, having ozone concentrations can be used to “shock” the room.

Automatic Configuration:

It can be configured to automatically work for a long time so you can rest assured that the air in your house is being cleaned constantly. 



Plug Type: We will send it according to the country: (Europe Plug, Canada and US plug)

Air Volume: 51-150m³/h

Application area: 21-30㎡

Installation: Portable

Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99.20%

Benzene Removal Rate: 99.90%

Type: Ozone Generator

Power Source: A.C. Source

Noise: ≤30dB 

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