AlwaysFresh™ Vacuum Sealed bags & Pump set

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Save away leftovers and ingredients like a pro with AlwaysFresh™ Vacuum Sealed bags & Pump set! As this product's name implies, you’ll always get to enjoy your food fresh at all times as a result of proper vacuum sealed storage. More than that, with the AlwaysFresh™ set you are able to extend the expiration date of all stored leftovers and ingredients. This is a truly economic solution!


One of the bestselling products in the market today, this has become a staple kitchen must-have in every household. And why not? It does an absolutely great job at helping you save food and not letting anything go to waste anymore.

The AlwaysFresh™ set includes the AlwaysFresh™ vacuum pump, in addition to 5 DIFFERENT SIZED Vacuum Sealed bags.

Purchasing each bag separately is also possible. However we recommend purchasing the complete set as it's the most economic option for this product, and the only one containing the AlwaysFresh™ vacuum pump.


  • Quick and easy way to seal and store food.
  • Air-Tight Seal: Completely vacuums air out and seals freshness in!
  • Keeps sealed leftovers FRESH for longer than usual!
  • Prolongs food flavor, nutrition, and shelf life.
  • Totally User-Friendly, Compact, and Cordless
  • Guaranteed Food-Grade Safe and BPA-Free
  • Great for meat, fruits, veggies, dried goods, biscuits, sweets, and more!
  • No more freezer burnt, spoiled or rotten food!


Vacuum Sealed bag sizes:

  • NO.5 : 30 X 34 CM ; 4800ML 
  • NO.4 : 26 X 34 CM ; 4000ML 
  • NO.3 : 22 X 34 CM ; 3200ML 
  • NO.2 : 26 X 28 CM ; 3000ML 
  • NO.1 : 22 X 21 CM ; 1300ML

AlwaysFresh™ vacuum pump size: 17x3 cm



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