Ambient Car Interior Lights Projector

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Driving at night can be boring at times. some people turn on some groovy music but what can music do without lights to pair it with? Introducing our Ambient Car Interior Lights Projector! This tiny device will illuminate your entire car with spectacular shapes and lights for an exiting drive at night!

The projector also features a Voice Control Model that makes the projected lights change to match your music! The spectacular lights flash with the rhythm and intensity of the music turning your car into a potential club on wheels!


Turn your boring car interior into a light show! Glam it up with an ambient lighting that projects bright and starry sky lights inside your car. This makes any drive more fun for you, your family, and especially your kids.

It is also suitable for outdoor parties in the wild: turn the wild into a natural ballroom. Make your car a source of spectacular lights.

  • Voice Control Model - Light changes with the intensity of the sound.
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED – Comes with an optional remote control that allows you to switch modes without restrictions.
  • ADJUSTABLE – Adjustable to a 90° angle to illuminate multiple sides and angles of your car for a full-blown light show.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - USB powered by attached cable.
  • UNIVERSAL – Can be used in any car, UV, van and more.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Not just for in-car atmosphere but also great for your bedrooms, bars and clubs.

Nighttime driving will never be the same again with the Ambient Car Interior Lights Projector! Create fun memories on the road!

Voltage: 5V with USB socket
Power: 5WAvailable in 2 different patterns: Meteor or Starry sky
Light color : Red

x1 Ambient Car Interior Lights Projector
x1 Remote control 
x1 Small screwdriver
x2 Extra bases for the Projector


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