Anti-Spill Adjustable Hands-Free Baggy Opener

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Need an extra set of hands in the kitchen? This hands-free baggy opener will help you transfer any food into storage bags without spilling on the counter, your hands, or down the side of the bag!

Simple to setup and use, just extend the adjustable arms to fit the baggy size, fasten it under the clips to hold it open, and fill! With a non-slip rubber base that holds the rack tightly in place, it's ideal for bagging messy liquids and powders and great for packing school lunches and making bagged freezer meals.

---It can also be used as a rack for drying rinsed storage bags. Once clean and dry, your bags are ready to be re-used, saving plastic from going to a landfill and saving you money on new baggies.

When you're finished, cleaning is easy and the rack arms fold flat for easy storage in your drawer or cabinet, saving you storage space.SPECIFICATIONS:

  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 18.5cm - 27cm x 9cm / 7.28" - 10.62" x 3.54"

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