Metal Polish-and-Protect Cream

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Don't waste money on a professional who will take days to restore the lost shiny glow to your car or household metal objects. Why not do it yourself with this time and cost-efficient polishing cream?  

With a non-toxic formula strong enough to handle the toughest restoration jobs, it not only gets rid of oxidation, rust, tarnish and stains from metal surfaces to give it a good-as-new brilliant shine, but also leaves a protective layer preventing further degradation and corrosion. 


Great for household use on your kitchen sink, pots, pans, and stove-top, or on your vehicle to extend its lifespan and increase its resale value! Just one use will give you long-lasting results and keep the reflective luster intact.

It's safe on your hands and easy to use! 


  1. Squeeze the proper amount of metal polish cream onto a soft cloth
  2. Apply by wiping on any dry metal surface in circular motion for 1-2 minutes until it is clean

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