Baseus™ 2-in-1 Wireless QI Charger & Auto-locking Gravity-Mount

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This is the Safest, Quickest & Most convenient way to lock in & charge your phone while you're in your car. The latest Qi wireless-charging technology & unique auto-locking mechanism allow you to operate this mount with one hand!

Once you've placed your phone on the charger, it'll lock and start charging automatically due to the special Qi-Technology Electromagnetic Induction Design.


This mounts automatic lock feature means you don't have to worry about the phone moving or falling when you're driving down a bumpy road!

This clever design allow for simple ONE HANDED operation!


  • Unique design - auto-locks & holds phone firmly.
  • Soft silicone pads - won't damage your phone.
  • Ball-joint pivot - for optimal viewing positions.
  • Powerful, fast wireless charging -  Simple and convenient!
  • Will firmly fit any standard Car/Truck A/C vent.
  • Comes with a FREE 1m high-quality Micro-usb cable
  • Suitable for smartphones with QI wireless charging technology.
  • Built-in IC chip intelligently detects the current output needed, and optimizes the charging proccess with voltage protection, temperature control, and other advanced safety measures.
  • Compatible with ALL Qi-enabled devices

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