Baseus™ Car Wash High Pressure Water Spray Gun

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Discover the Baseus GF3 Car Wash Spray Nozzle the ultimate cleaning companion
a compact yet powerful cleaning solution designed for automotive, home, and garden use.

With its lightweight design, mechanical pressurization, and versatile features, this nozzle redefines how you approach cleaning tasks.

From its integrated leak-free design to the adjustable spray patterns and durable materials, the Baseus GF3 is engineered to deliver convenience and superior cleaning performance.

Experience effortless car cleaning and more with Baseus.

Introducing the Baseus GF3 Car Wash Spray Nozzle: Discover the ultimate cleaning companion . Specially designed for auto, home, and garden use, this portable washer redefines convenience and effectiveness in car cleaning. Let's explore its remarkable features that make it an indispensable addition to your cleaning routine.

Mini Size, Mega Power: Don't be fooled by its compact size; the Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle combines miniaturized design with maximum cleaning power. Weighing just 109g, its lightweight construction ensures easy maneuverability while delivering a high-pressure water stream that tackles dirt and grime with ease.
Mechanical Pressurization for Strong Water Flow: Experience the synergy of double pressurization in action. By combining the power of a telescopic hose and spray nozzle, the Baseus Spray Nozzle boasts an impressive 8m projection range. Its mechanical pressurization ensures a strong and consistent water flow for thorough cleaning.

Powerful Water Flow, Ultra Cleanliness: Bid farewell to stubborn residues and dirt. The Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle generates a powerful water flow that guarantees ultra-clean results, leaving your vehicle spotless and refreshed after every wash.

3X Expandable with Self-Drainage: Witness the transformation as the Baseus Spray Nozzle expands from 5m to an impressive 15m in a matter of seconds, thanks to its innovative self-drainage design. After use, storage becomes hassle-free and clutter-free.

Integrated Design, Without Leakage: Enjoy a leak-free cleaning session every time. The Baseus Spray Nozzle's integrated design eliminates assembling gaps, eradicating the possibility of water leakage. This ensures a seamless and efficient cleaning process from start to finish.
Lightweight and Mini with Laborsaving Design: Say goodbye to cumbersome cleaning equipment. The Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle's lightweight and ergonomic design effortlessly covers your vehicle, minimizing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

On/Off with One Press of a Button: Streamline your cleaning process with the one-key switch feature. No need to keep the button pressed during operation. With a durability validated through over 12000 press tests, this nozzle guarantees reliable performance.

Rotate to Adjust Water, Press, and Spray Pattern: Adapt the cleaning experience to your precise needs. The rotating nozzle allows you to adjust spray patterns for various cleaning tasks, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning across different surfaces.

Thickened Water Hose for Longer Durability: Engineered with three layers of high-quality materials, the Baseus Spray Nozzle's water hose is built to withstand high water pressure and challenging weather conditions, promising years of reliable use.

Universal Joint, Widely Compatible: Achieve a secure and tight fit between the spray nozzle and faucet. The universal joint design ensures compatibility across different scenarios, preventing loosening during use.

Multi-Scenario Applicable: Whether it's your car, home, garden, or more, the Baseus Spray Nozzle is designed to excel in various cleaning scenarios, making it a versatile cleaning accessory for your entire living space.

Exquisite Design with Premium Quality: Experience a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. The Baseus Car Wash Spray Nozzle boasts an exquisite design that complements its premium quality construction, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.


With Water Pipes: Yes

Water Spray Type: Water Column

Water Hose Length: 7-30m (optional )

  • 7.5 meters = 24.61 feet
  • 15 meters = 49.21 feet
  • 30 meters = 98.43 feet

Water Hose : 3 Times Expandable Telescopic Hose

Switch Mode: One-key Switch

Spray Modes: 3 Patterns

Nozzle Material: Copper

Interface Material: Copper

Brand Name: BASEUS

Body Material: Engineering Plastic

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Customer Reviews

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Oren Bogisich

100% product as advertised, I definitely recommend

Ashlee Kshlerin

Great gun for watering plants)

Brandt Hammes

Baseus right, top! Amazing quality outside carry that is now simple and practical!

Lori Jaskolski

Looks good! I love it.