Bouncy Chubby Super Soft Seal Cushion

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Did anyone call for the chunkiest and cutest seal? Inspired by Yuki-Chan, the chubbiest seal, Yuki-Chan is the chubbiest seal that resides in Japan, and is well-known for its shape and attitude! We were able to replicate his features and turned it into a plush/pillow that you can now have at your very own home.


Inspired by Yuki-Chan, the chubbiest seal



  • HYPER REALISTIC. The seal pillow took all of the attributes of the seal and put every last detail into the pillow to make it look as realistic and as close as possible to a real-life seal.
  • SUPER SOFT. The seal pillow is super stretchy, soft, and has a cute seal look.

  • TWO CUTE LOOKS. There's two different versions of the seal pillow, one that depicts a darker seal, and another that depicts a lighter seal. The darker seal is stone-like and chunky, while the lighter seal has a charming smile.

  • Colors: White / Grey
  • Materials: Polypropylene cotton along with a polyester cover
  • Size:
11.8 IN/ 30 CM
15.7 IN/ 40 CM
23.6 IN/ 60 CM
31.4 IN/ 80 CM

  • 1 x Fluffy Plush Seal Pillow

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