Professional Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector Meter

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Discover Safety in Every Pocket:

Introducing the BSIDE EMF Meter, your professional companion in the pursuit of a safer living environment. This handheld electromagnetic field radiation detector is more than just a device; it's a compact powerhouse dedicated to safeguarding you and your family.

With its pocket-sized design, large LCD display, and multifunctional capabilities, this EMF meter is your key to eliminating radiation risks and promoting well-being wherever life takes you.

Uncover the power of precise measurements, real-time insights, and portable protection with the BSIDE EMF Meter – because safety should always be within reach.
Pocket-Sized Protection: Experience peace of mind wherever you go with our compact BSIDE EMF Meter. This handheld device is designed as a pocket EMF meter tester, ensuring that you can carry it effortlessly to detect electromagnetic field radiation and electric field exposure in your surroundings.

Clear Insights at Your Fingertips: The large LCD display of our electromagnetic field radiation detector provides you with clear and concise readings. Stay informed about the electromagnetic field strength, electric field strength, and ambient temperature with a quick glance at the intuitive screen.
Comprehensive Radiation Detection: Empower yourself with the ability to test electromagnetic field radiation, electric field strength, and ambient temperature effortlessly. This professional electromagnetic field radiation detector offers accurate measurements, allowing you to identify potential risks and safeguard your family from harmful radiation.
Precision in Measurement: The BSIDE EMF Meter boasts impressive specifications for electromagnetic field strength measurement. With a range of 0.1-199.9 mG and 0.01-19.99µT, and a resolution of 0.1 mG and 0.01µT, you can trust this device to provide precise readings. An alarm threshold of > 4.0 mG and > 0.4µT ensures you are promptly alerted to potential hazards.
Electric Field Strength Assessment: Detect electric field strength accurately with a measurement range of 1-1999 V/M and a resolution of 1 V/M. The alarm threshold of > 40 V/M ensures that you are notified when electric field exposure exceeds safe levels, allowing you to take timely precautions.
Temperature Monitoring for Comfort: In addition to electromagnetic field measurements, this EMF tester includes ambient temperature monitoring. With a range of 10 to 50℃ (50 to 122℉) and a resolution of 2℃, you can stay aware of the temperature around you for optimal comfort.
Portable and Power-Efficient: Powered by three 1.5V (AAA) batteries, the BSIDE EMF Meter is designed to be energy-efficient and portable. With dimensions of 2206055mm and a weight of 185g, it's easy to carry and use wherever you need it.



Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Large LCD display: Yes.

EMF meter: Yes.

Electromagnetic field radiation detector: Yes.

Electromagnetic field strength: Yes.

Electric field strength: Yes.

Ambient temperature: Yes.

Electromagnetic field strength measurement
Range: 0.1-199.9 mG / 0.01-19.99µT
Resolution: 0.1 mG / 0.01µT
Alarm threshold> 4.0 mG / > 0.4µT
Electric field strength measurement
Range: 1-1999 V/M
Resolution: 1 V/M
Alarm threshold> 40 V/M
Ambient temperature
Measurement Range: 10~50℃ / 50~122℉
Resolution: 2℃ / ℉
Power: 1.5V (AAA) x 3
Size: 220*60*55mm
Weight: 185g
Package Includes:
1 x EMF Tester
1 x Color Box
1 x User Manual

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Matteo Schneider


Einar Bradtke

Great EMF meter. Easy to use, great price and fast shipping. Thank you

Tina Jacobson

Very good team. Easy to use.

Candelario Beer

Very well packed and it works properly.