Bullet Style Mini Lighter Keychain (2pcs)

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The smallest lighter in the world

Never forget your lighter again. With this Mini Keyring Lighter, you’ll have fire to your disposal at all times, simply on your keyring. You never know when you might need it!

Compact and water-resistant

This high quality miniature lighter is just over 1 inch (26 mm) long and only half an inch (13 mm) in diameter. The exterior shell is made of a strong aluminum alloy available in 3 colors: silver, grey and gold.  It is sealed with a rubber ring to make it watertight making it perfect for outdoor conditions.

Easy to refill

The fuel capsule can be removed easily just by pulling the bottom part of the lighter. Add additional lighter fluid (Not included) or replace the flint from the bottom. When finished, simply slide the bottom part back on and you’re ready to light it up!


  • Material: metal - shipped without kerosene

  • Size: 26mmx13mm / 1.02 inch x  0.511 inch
  • Package includes : 2 x Bullet Style Mini Lighter Keychain
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