Caulk Nozzle & Scraper Tool Set

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Save Tons Of Time On Home Repairs With This Amazing 2 In 1 Caulk Nozzle And Scraper Set Which Is Extremely Easy And Efficient To Use. This Ingenious Tool Is Both A Caulk Finisher And Caulk Nozzle Which Means You Can Add And Smooth The Sealant At The Same Time In One Single Go. When It Comes To Crack Sealing Repairs This Brilliant Tool Is Exactly What You Need!

3 DIFFERENT RADIUS: Designed with 6.5R, 10R, 13R three different radius Nozzles, that can meet your needs when sealing different places and angles. 

USAGES: Works well with most types of sealant, silicone, resin, grout, and more. The caulk tool kit can be widely applied to the door, window, kitchen, bathroom, tank, sink joint filling finishing.

PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE: When you apply caulk you apply the caulk in a line and while that caulk is still wet you need to smooth it out or apply a little external pressure to make it go completely into the crack, and you might even need to clean away some of the caulk that is in the wrong place. These incredible caulk finishing and removal tools will help you to create a smooth line of caulk that will look professional and perfect!

There is a caulking finisher on the caulk nozzle, so you can save a lot of time when you smooth the sealant while the sealant comes out. Besides, it can be used alone as a trowel. 

NON STICKY SILICONE: Made of non-sticky special silicone material, easy to clean and reusable.
Home Silicone Sealant Finishing Tool Durable Sealing Window Kitchen Floor  Grout Practical Bathroom Caulk Nozzle Scraper Set|Hand Tool Sets| -  AliExpress
SAVE COST: The caulking tools are easy and quick to use, you can seal by yourself and save time and money.

CAULK FINISHER: The caulk finisher will smooth the caulk down into the cracks and crevices it is supposed to be protecting and will leave no edge marks and no mess. You will have no wasted product when you use this finisher.
Caulk Nozzle Scraper Set Reusable Sealant Angle Scraper Silicone Grout  Caulk Tools|Caulking Gun| - AliExpress

SEAL IT PERFECTLY: Caulk is used for sealing cracks and creating waterproof barriers around windows, doors, tubs, showers, and many other things in your home. These amazing tools will assist you tremendously to get the best appearance and the perfect finish!

Reusable Silicone Caulk Nozzles Plastic Scraper Set Sealing Caulking  Sealant Tools Kit Rubber Trowel Nozzle For Floor Finishings| | - AliExpress

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