CermiTech™ Non-stick Copper Pans

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Upgrade your kitchen by replacing your traditional frying pan with one made of copper, ceramic and titanium. With a unique brown design, we offer 8/10/12-inch Non-stick Copper Frying pans that can handle your everyday culinary tasks and so much more.

These frying pans utilize a special coating formula called CermiTech, which has all of the non-stick benefits of Teflon pans, but is also safe in the oven capable of withstanding high temperatures of up to 500 degrees. The lack of Teflon also makes the pans completely free of harmful toxic chemicals.

We also offer 2 square designed CermiTech Non-stick Copper Pans with matching lids.


  • CermiTech non-stick technology makes this frying pan easy and fun to cook with
  • Made from a durable, high quality copper, ceramic & titanium blend
  • 2 Pan designs available (Round & Square)
  • Heat Resistant Up To 500° F
  • Riveted Handles For Extra-Secure Grip
  • Heavy-Duty 5-Layer Construction
  • Works On All Stoves: Gas, Electric & Oven
  • Dishwasher Safe



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