Eyeglasses Blue Light Blocking Clip On Filter

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Don't let eyestrain and headaches interfere with your daily life any longer.

The prolonged exposure to screens from work or gaming sessions is taking a toll on your eyes. The culprit? Blue light emitted by screens, known to be harmful to your eye health.

But what if you already wear prescription glasses? Can you wear two pairs simultaneously?

We have the perfect solution that prioritizes your health without compromising your vision.

Our easy-to-use blue light blocking clip-on computer glasses are a must-have for anyone spending extended periods in front of screens. Simply attach them to your regular prescription or reading glasses effortlessly, and say goodbye to eye strain and headaches.

Your eyestrain condition is growing more common and can no longer be ignored.

All of your headaches and eye problems are caused by protracted working or video game sessions in front of a computer or mobile phone screen.

Because screens emit blue light, which is particularly damaging to your eyes, you should wear blue-light-blocking glasses.

But what if you already wear prescription glasses to enhance your vision? How can two glasses be worn at the same time?

We offer the ideal technology that allows you to prioritize your health over work or enjoyment.

These easy to use, blue light blocking clip on computer glasses are a must have for everyone who spends most of their time in front of the screen. Attach these on your regular prescription or reading glasses with extreme ease and bid farewell to eye strains and headaches.

What you'll get:

  • Blocks blue light & UV: The anti-reflective coating on these clips are efficient in blocking blue light from the computer or cell phone screen. These also provide protection against UV rays.

  • Convenient use: With 180 degrees rotating design, these can be conveniently pulled up or down for repeated use. The detachable clip makes these easy to use with prescription glasses.
  • Get better sleep: With no eye strain and headaches, these anti-blue light clip on computer glasses are sure to provide you the ease and comfort of a good night's sleep.
  • Lightweight and compact design: These blue light blocking Clip On are lightweight which makes them comfortable to wear. There will be no damage to your existing prescription lens.

 Lenses Material: Acrylic

Lens Width:: 5.6cm

Lens Width: 5.6cm

Lens Height:: 3.7cm

Lens Height: 3.7cm

Gender: Unisex

Frame Width:: 12.7cm

Frame Material: Alloy

Certification: CE

Bridge Width:: 1.4cm


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