CoolBrella™ Interior Windshield Sunshade UV Umbrella

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Designed for quick installation, this unique sunshade umbrella offers a 2-in-1 functionality, providing thermal insulation, and UV protection, to enhance your driving experience.

Experience superior comfort and protection on every drive Keep your car cool, fresh, and protected with this innovative accessory that makes driving a breeze.

Prevent Your Car From Heating Up To Sauna-like Temperatures And Burning Your Hands-On Hot Steering Wheels And Seat Belts.

Just Install This
Unique Sun Shade Umbrella On Your Car Windshield In Seconds. Designed To Be Easily And Effortlessly!, Fold And Install. 

Effortless Installation: Just install this innovative sunshade umbrella on your car windshield in seconds, eliminating the hassle of traditional sunshades. Its user-friendly design ensures easy installation and removal whenever needed.

Thermal Insulation & Sun Protection: Crafted from high-quality aluminum foil material, this sunshade effectively blocks excess heat and reflects sunlight, preventing your car's interior from heating up to sauna-like temperatures. Say goodbye to hot steering wheels and seat belts, and enjoy a comfortably cool interior even on the hottest days.


Preservation of Car Interior: By maintaining a fresh interior temperature, this sunshade prevents damage and aging of your car, ultimately saving you money on repairs or premature replacement. Preserve the condition of your vehicle and enjoy a longer lifespan with this essential accessory.

2-in-1 Functionality: Serving as both providing thermal insulation, and UV protection, to enhance your driving experience. this versatile accessory provides comprehensive protection against outdoor elements. such as scorching sun, stay prepared and protected on the road with this multifunctional car parasol.


Easy to Fold & Store: Designed for convenience, this sunshade umbrella is easy to fold and store, saving you time and effort. With its non-destructive installation and compact storage volume, it can be conveniently placed on the side of the car door or in the central storage box, optimizing space and ensuring hassle-free storage.


Lightweight & Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality titanium silver glue and impact cloth material, this sunshade umbrella combines lightweight portability with exceptional durability. Enjoy long-lasting protection without compromising on quality or performance.


Material: Titanium silver glue, impact cloth

Color: black and silver 


Medium (M): 65*125cm/ 25.5* 49.2 IN for a small and medium vehicles (mini , coupe...etc)

Large (L) : 79*145cm/ 31.1* 57 IN for a large vehicle (SUV,MPV, truck...etc) 

Sunscreen material: UPF50+

Package Includes:

1 * CoolBrella™ Interior Windshield Sunshade UV Umbrella

1 * Storage bag

Car Anti UV Protector Parasol Reflector Auto Front Window Sunshade Covers  Car Protector Interior Windshield Protection Umbrella|Sun Shelter| -  AliExpress

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