Self Cooling Towel For Outdoors & Sports ***2pcs***

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Boost Your Endurance Levels With The Amazing Ice Cooling Towel For Outdoor Sports.

A Study Published In The Journal Of Athletic Training Found That Those Who Wore A Cooling Towel During Exercise Could Endure The Workout Longer. This Cooling Towel Was Designed To Be Durable, Lightweight, Soft, Breathable, Machine Washable, And Was Made With Premium Pva Cooling Fabric. This Ingenious Item Will Significantly Boost Your Performance And Endurance Levels!

How does it work?
When a moistened cooling towel is placed around the neck or on any skin surface, evaporative cooling comes into play — the skin’s temperature causes the towel’s moisture particles to heat up and evaporate, further cooling down the temperature of the towel. The result is a refreshingly cooling feeling against the skin.

Innovative Design: Lightweight, soft, and breathable, this Cooling Towel is our top choice to use while at the gym or during sports. 

Lasting Cooling Effect: After “activating” (wet) the towel with water, it remains cool against the skin throughout the hour-long workout.

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Premium PVA Cooling Fabric: If you want to cool off without soaking your clothes, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) towels like the Chill Pal – PVA Cooling Towel are great because they will retain moisture and cool you off while keeping your outfit dry and in a perfect state!

Boost your endurance levels: Whether you’re using them during a sweat session at the gym or to get through a hot summer day, studies show that cooling towels can significantly boost endurance levels. 

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Machine Washable: Since you will most likely want to wash your cooling towel often, this practical cooling towel is reusable, easy to clean, and can be conveniently thrown into the washing machine.

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Shape: Rectangle

Material: PVA

Absorption: 5s-10s

Feature: Machine Washable

Feature: Quick-Dry

Package includes: 2 x  Self Cooling Towel For Outdoors & Sports 

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