Digital Car Tire Tread Depth / Brake Pad Gauge Meter

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 Introducing the Digital Car Tire Tread Depth Gauge Meter Measurer Tool Caliper Thickness Gauges Tread Brake Pad Shoe Tire Monitoring System — your ultimate solution for precise tire maintenance.

With its intuitive design and essential features like mm/inch conversion and zero reset, this tool simplifies measuring tread depth, brake shoe wear, and brake pad thickness.

Enjoy effortless readings on the large LCD screen and control power consumption with manual on/off functionality.

Upgrade your automotive maintenance with simplicity and accuracy.

LCD Screen: The Digital Car Tire Tread Depth Gauge Meter Measurer Tool Caliper Thickness Gauges Tread Brake Pad Shoe Tire Monitoring System boasts a large LCD screen, ensuring optimal visibility even in varying lighting conditions for easy reading of measurements.

Read Data at a Glance: Designed for user convenience, this tool presents data in a clear and concise manner, allowing users to quickly assess tire condition without the need for complex interpretation.
MM/Inch Conversion: Switch between millimeters and inches effortlessly with the built-in conversion feature, catering to different measurement standards and user preferences with ease and accuracy.

Reset to Zero at Any Position: Reset the gauge to zero from any position to calibrate measurements accurately, ensuring precise readings for consistent and reliable performance.
Manually Turn On/Off: Take control of power consumption by manually turning the device on or off, providing efficient energy management and prolonging battery life when not in use.

Digital Display Automatically: Enjoy hassle-free operation with the digital display that activates automatically upon use, eliminating the need for additional steps and enhancing user experience.

Long Battery Life: Equipped with a high-capacity battery, this gauge offers extended usage time, reducing the frequency of battery replacements and ensuring uninterrupted monitoring tasks.
Compact and Portable Design: Designed for on-the-go use, this tool features a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry in your toolbox or vehicle for quick access whenever needed.

Instructions For Use:

Step 1: Press the power button to turn on the machine and check whether the display is normal.
Step 2: Place the tool on a flat surface, push the measuring rod to the end, and press zero to return to "0.00".
Step 3: Position the measurement surface vertically close to the tire surface. Insert the measurement rod into the bottom of the groove to display the measurement value.
Please Note Battery is not included.


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