DIY Magic Embroidery Sewing Pen Knitting Tool Kit

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Embroidery made easy! The crafting needle handle is ergonomically designed and makes use of three different needle sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You can do a lot of beautiful and exquisite crafts, such as clothes, quilts, floor mats, wallets, cushion covers, wall hangings, bags and anything you imagine.

Sewing and embroidery are traditional art forms not only beneficial aesthetically, but even emotionally and physiologically. In fact, more studies have proven how these two can benefit one’s health. If you are looking for a new hobby or passion and you love sewing then this is an amazing idea for you!


Many people love embroidery because it's such lovely and intricate art. It allows you to transform any simple, unadorned textile into a thing of beauty, by adding flowers, writing, patterns, patches and so much more! 

This needle punch tool will ensure that your work turns out perfect every time. It does the hard work for you- keeping your thread clear and tangle-free, while also helping you maintain an even flow.

Embroidery is a huge amount of fun! It allows you to turn any simple fabric item into a beautiful captivating masterpiece!

Development of Creativity

Through time, it has been proven that people become more creative through continuous exposure and focus on patterns, colors, and stitches. Like any other art form, creativity is a raw gem that needs continuous training and development — and embroidery and sewing can greatly help with that.


  • Embroidery set
  • Material: Stainless Steel + ABS

Package includes:

 Embroidery set

storage box

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