Double Stick-On Wall Mop & Broom Organizer (2pcs)

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Keeping your brooms in a closet becomes messy and takes up a lot of space. Hanging brooms is a much better way to save space and keep your closet organized. This clever gadget holds up to 2 brooms/mops, and makes it super easy for you to attach and detach them to a wall.


You can also use the Double Wall Mop & Broom Organizer for various other purposes in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc.



  1. Clean & dry the wall on which you want to apply your Double Wall Mop & Broom Organizer
  2. Carefully remove the protective seal from the back of your organizer
  3. Apply your organizer to the wall
  4. Hold the organizer firmly against the wall for about 10 seconds-1_13


  • Maximum load: 8KG

  • Material: PP + PVC

  • Color:White

  • Size:17.8 x 7cm

  • Includes 2 x  Double Wall Mop & Broom Organizer (2pcs)


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