Drain Buster - Plunger Cleaner

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This unique plunger features a powerful compression chamber that provides extra power without extra work.

It is a very powerful Tool. It can drain quickly and easily without the use of any harsh chemicals.

  • Releases stoppages from plugged drains.
  • Unclogs most toilet clogs.
  • A simple and effective toilet cleaning tool.


  • Powerful and strong suck capability, save energy and effort.
  • For household cleaning. The Handle Toilet Plunger makes you easy to clean.
  • Super-pliable cup of this Handle Toilet Plunger with tiered ridges forms ultra-tight seal on any size drain.
  • This Handle Toilet Plunger a good helper to your toilet.

    Material: Plastic + PVC
    Inflator Length: Approx. 43~62cm / 17~24.4in
    Sucker Dia: Big: 17cm / 6.7in; Small: 6cm / 2.36in

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