Smart Duct & Chimney Auto Cleaning Tool Kit

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Don't risk a dryer fire! 

A blocked dryer's duct is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires and major damage to property. Now you can save a lot of money on repairs and also protect your home with this amazing DIY cleaning tool! It can be easily be used with or without the electric drill. Just easily attach it and allow the electric drill to do the hard work for you. 


Our dryer vent cleaning kit is extremely durable, flexible and will bend with ease. Easy to connect and retract. Can withstand more than 90 degrees of a curved pipeline, can be used with or without an electric drill to rotate to quickly & easily clean the dryer vents from inside or outside of your house.

Prevent Costly Repairs - This dryer vent brush delivers superior results and helps you prevent costly repairs. It helps prevent dryer fires by regularly removing dangerous lint buildup. It reduces drying time and improves the dryer’s performance while extending the life of your dryer.

Protect Family from Disaster - With over 15,000 dryer fires occurring each year, keep lint and other particles from clogging up your dryer with this dryer vent cleaning kit, avoid overheating the dryer and posing a fire hazard. Help protect the safety of your family and home.

Clean difficult to reach surfaces and areas of your vent that normal cleaning materials can't reach. 

Twist-Detached Feature
Easy to use, just twist and turn the end of the nylon rod to attach to each other if you wish to extend the length. This dryer vent cleaning kit delivers superior results and will help you prevent costly repairs.

Material: nylon
Color: black+white
Single connecting rod length: 60cm / 23.6 in
Connecting rod diameter: 8mm / 0.3 in

  • 4 Rods = 94.4 In / 2.4 m
  • 6 Rods = 141.7 In / 3.6 m
  • 12 Rods = 283.4 In / 7.2 m

Package list: (optional)
1 * Brush Unit
4 * Rod
1 * Brush Unit
6 * Rod
1 * Brush Unit
12 * Rod

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