Durable Step in Sock Shoes Cover (2 pcs)

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The Step in sock shoes cover are a far cry from the traditional (and disposable) shoe covers that you repeatedly buy in order to keep homes and work areas clean and tidy.

Made of durable materials guaranteed to serve you for a long time, the Step in sock shoes cover provide an easy way to put shoe covers on, hands-free!

Just unfasten the socks, step on them, and voila! Your footwear is instantly protected, and the floors are kept spotlessly clean at the same time, thanks to this revolutionary breakthrough!

  • Protect your expensive shoes from dirt and grime when visiting construction sites, dirty and muddy areas as well as rain.  waterproof, dustproof, nonslip disposable shoe covers will keep your shoes and boots safe.

  • A Great way for people to cover their shoes without a struggle, easy and convenient.Anti-slip design Keeps you safe even the floor is wet
  • A wide range of use- Ideally applies to household, office and machine room, and efficiently keeps the floor clean and neat where.
  • Just gently touch them with your feet, them will surround your shoes.It is the perfect combination of memory sheet steel and shoe cover.

  • These Hands-Free Shoe Covers fits all shoe sizes, you don't have to worry about unsuitable sizes
  • Package includes : 2pcs



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