Easy Bed Sheet Grippers (24 pcs)

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Unlike most sheet grippers on the market, Easy Bed Sheet Grippers do not require lifting your mattress every time you change your sheets!  Install them in no time by attaching the grippers to the mattressensuring perfectly tight sheets in a matter of seconds!

Our Bed Sheet Grippers aremade of plastic material that is wear-resistant. so you can use it for a long time without being broken. This kind of bed sheet clip could close and fix the 4 angles easily and tightly preventing the bed sheet from sliding off from corners. It’s pretty easy to attach which you don’t need to lift the mattress anymore.

And it is suitable for a variety of mattresses with raised edges to accommodate a variety of needs. It can also be used as a food sealing clip. isolating air and ensuring the taste of snacks. This will save you time and effort in the mornings when you have to get up and make the sheets.

High Efficiency- Bed sheet fasteners keep the sheets in place. no more having to re-fit the sheet in the middle of the night or in the morning. Keep your bed looking great at all times.

Strong & Sturdy- These bedsheet grippers are made of ABS plastic. non-bendable and durable which will grip your bed sheets firmly. It can also be used as snack clips.

Creative Design- Our sheet clip uses a y-shaped design with two wide ends and narrow in the middle. the opening design makes it easier to fit into the sheets.

Easy To Use- This fastener can hold the sheets in place and lock them tightly and they will not loosen. you can easily put them on the fastener without moving the mattress.


Material: Plastic

Size: 4*1.6*1.6cm

Color: Pink, Green, White,

Quantity: 24 pcs


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