Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer For Seniors

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Introducing the revolutionary Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer, a game-changer in nail care, designed especially for seniors and individuals facing challenges such as impaired vision or reduced hand strength.

This advanced nail grooming solution brings together cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design to provide a hassle-free and safe manicure experience.

Imagine effortlessly achieving perfectly trimmed and polished nails with just a touch of a button. With precision at its core and equipped with auxiliary lighting, this nail Trimmer ensures a gentle and pain-free nail grooming process, making it ideal for those who may struggle with traditional clippers.

Experience the future of nail care with our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer  – the perfect solution for seniors and individuals with mobility or vision challenges who deserve the best in nail grooming technology.

Quick and Safe Nail Trimming This innovative nail trimmer uses a grinding mechanism rather than cutting, ensuring that it won't harm your nails. Seniors, especially those with visual impairments or unsteady hands, will appreciate the precision and safety it offers. The device even includes a debris storage compartment for easy cleanup.

Effortless Nail Maintenance Experience the convenience of electric nail care with our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer . Equipped with a built-in precision cutter head and auxiliary lighting, it streamlines the nail trimming and polishing process, ensuring a safe and gentle grooming experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual nail clippers that can be challenging for those with limited dexterity.

Designed for Safety and Comfort The curved opening and rounded corners of this nail trimmer are thoughtfully crafted to fit your fingernails perfectly. This design effectively prevents accidental injuries and ensures a comfortable nail-clipping experience, making it ideal for seniors who may struggle with traditional nail clippers.

User-Friendly Operation With one-button operation and two-speed adjustment, our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer  is incredibly easy to use. Whether you're an adult or a child, you can confidently maintain your nails with this intuitive device. Its lightweight and compact design (less than 100 grams) make it a breeze to store and carry, allowing you to groom your nails anytime, anywhere – whether you're on the go, traveling, or at home.

Arc Opening for Finger-Friendly Design The arc opening of our nail trimmer is tailored to fit various finger sizes, further enhancing safety and comfort during use. It's an excellent choice for those who may have difficulty gripping traditional clippers.

Precision Cutter Head: Our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer features a precision cutter head that guarantees meticulous nail trimming. This head is designed to provide exceptional accuracy, ensuring that your nails are perfectly shaped and groomed.

LED Auxiliary Lighting: Illuminate your nail grooming process with the built-in LED auxiliary lighting. This feature ensures that you can see every detail clearly, making it especially beneficial for seniors with diminished vision. Say goodbye to uncertain nail trimming, as the well-lit path ensures precision and safety.

Debris Storage Compartment: Our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer  includes a built-in debris storage compartment. This feature ensures that nail clippings and filings are neatly collected during the grooming process. This not only keeps your workspace clean but also makes cleanup a breeze. Seniors and individuals with mobility challenges will appreciate the mess-free and hassle-free nail care experience provided by this thoughtful design.

USB Rechargeable for Durability This Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer features a USB charging port for convenience and sustainability. Its durable battery life ensures that it will be a reliable companion for your nail care needs.

Important Note: Our Electric Automatic Nail Trimmer is exclusively designed for hand nails. It uses a gentle grinding mechanism, making it perfect for those with sensitive or fragile nails, especially seniors who prioritize safety during their nail care routine.


Size: 6.5*6.3*2.6CM

Working Voltage: 3.7V

Rated input: 5V=0.3A

Battery capacity: 300mAh 

Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

Please note: due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, some minor delays in product delivery are possible, we are doing our absolute best to make sure you get your products as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Jameson Rippin

It's safe and you can't use short nails.

Yesenia Bruen

Very fast delivery everything went well thanks a lot👍🏻

Johathan Batz

Very good.

Dean Altenwerth

Cool, comfortable working well, as described

Etha Hills

Beautiful I would recommend it👍🏻