2 in 1 Electric Bug Zapper Racket & Intelligent Mosquito-Trap Station

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This 2 In 1 Remarkable Device Can Be Used As An Electrical Racket To Strike Mosquitoes  Wherever They Are Or As Steady Intelligent Mosquito-Trapping Station That Attracts Mosquitoes With The Latest UV Light Technology And Kills Them. It Saves You From Using Toxic Pesticides. Designed With A Safe 3 Layer Grid, Long Battery Life, And USB Rechargeable So You Can Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Summer!

Mosquitoes: The World's Deadliest Animal. Did You Know Each Year, Mosquitoes Kill Around 725,000 Victims? They Are Ranked Number 1 For The Most Kills In The World (Source Gates Notes).

Live a Mosquito-Free Life!

2 in 1 Design:

 1) Manual mosquito kill mode: when it is picked up, it is an electric mosquito slap, which is to actively strike against mosquitoes.

2) Intelligent mosquito-killing mode: When it is put down for charging, it releases ultraviolet physical light waves to induce, attract, and kill mosquitoes.

Instantly Kills Flies And Mosquitoes: This Innovative Electric Racket comes with a high-voltage electric discharge that kills insects instantly.

3 Layer Safety Grid Design: Includes 3 layers: two exterior insulation layers and one interior ABS protective layer to prevent electric shock. This way, you can rest assured that you and your pet are protected from accidental (low power) shocks while handling it.

Targets Mosquitoes: Created with a built-in 14 UV LED beads with a wavelength of 395-400MM to stimulate the mosquitos light-tending instinct and attracts them to fly to high-voltage nets.

Long Battery Life: Created with a built-in 1200mAh large capacity battery, this amazing Electric Bug Zapper Racket comes with long battery life. Once fully charged it can be used for up to 30 days!


USB Rechargeable: Designed with an USB plug to easily recharge your battery whenever you need, makes this product extremely convenient and cost-effective. It can be easily powered using a USB cable plugged into an adapter or power bank or laptop or any other device. It comes with an extremely powerful battery of 1200mAh.


Safe and Eco Friendly: Harmful and toxic pesticides affect the health of everyone in the household including pets. With this amazing racket, you won’t have to use pesticides again! It will kill mosquitoes and bugs easily and conveniently without toxic chemicals and in a safe way.



Type: Mosquito Zapper

Material: ABS

Color: White/Grey

Power: 5W

Voltage: 3000V

Lithium battery: 1200mAh

Frequency: 50Hz

Base size: 13.5 * 13.5 * 3.7cm/ 5.31 * 5.31 * 1.45 inch

Size: 49.5 * 18.5 * 4 cm/ 19.45 * 7.27 * 1.57 inch

Net Weight: 470g/ 16.58oz



1 * Mosquito Swatter

1 * Base

1 * Cable

1 * Manual

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Frank H
Works great

Love this little device works great