Multi-functional Rechargeable Electric Scrubber Cleaning Brush

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Introducing our Electric Cleaning Brush – the ultimate solution for effortless cleaning! With versatile functionality, USB rechargeability, and powerful electric performance, this compact gadget simplifies your cleaning tasks.

Its durable design and optional features like interchangeable brush heads ensure thorough cleaning for every surface. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning – experience effortless cleanliness with our Electric Cleaning Brush!

Multi-Functional Cleaning:
This electric cleaning brush offers versatility, catering to a range of household cleaning tasks with its rotary scrubbing action. From tackling stubborn grime in the kitchen to revitalizing bathroom surfaces, it streamlines your cleaning routine with efficiency.

Multiple Brush Heads for Versatile Cleaning
This electric cleaning brush comes with three interchangeable brush heads: sponge, nylon, and cloth bristle. Each brush head is tailored for specific cleaning needs, allowing you to tackle various surfaces with precision and efficiency.

Electric Powered Cleaning:
Harnessing the force of electricity, this cleaning brush delivers a powerful performance, effortlessly eliminating tough dirt and residue. Its electric operation ensures consistent, reliable cleaning results, leaving surfaces sparkling clean.

Compact Design:
Crafted with a compact form factor, this cleaning brush is ideal for both storage and travel. Its space-saving design ensures it fits seamlessly into any cleaning arsenal, while its portability allows you to maintain cleanliness on the go.
Durable Construction:
Built to withstand rigorous cleaning tasks, this electric brush boasts a robust construction for long-lasting durability. Count on its sturdy design to provide consistent performance, helping you maintain a spotless home for years to come.

Versatile Cleaning Applications:

From bathtubs to kitchen sinks, this power scrubber is your go-to solution for a range of cleaning tasks. Use it to tackle various surfaces such as tables, washing basins, windows, and more, achieving pristine cleanliness throughout your home.

USB Rechargeable:

Designed for convenience, this electric brush is equipped with USB rechargeability. Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable batteries; simply recharge and power up whenever needed, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning sessions.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samson Feil

Cool stuff! Packed well and immediately charged, wash the sinks by itself!

Hosea Gerlach

I bought it to clean the tennis mainly I think it can fulfill the function well and it looks quality

Juvenal Bartoletti

Fast Mail delivery in 20 days. Very cool mixer. Powerful and cleans well. The battery charge lasts for a long time. I recommend it.

June Franecki

Just gorgeous!!! Three speed modes, all carefully packed. Came to meest Express, very satisfied, recommended !!!