Heating & Vibration Shoulder/Knee/Elbow Physiotherapy MultiMassager

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Introducing our Electric Heating Therapy & Vibration Massager – the cutting-edge solution for comprehensive pain relief and enhanced muscle recovery. This versatile device is designed not only as a knee pad but also as a holistic physiotherapy tool catering to multiple areas of your body, including shoulders and elbows.

Experience the synergy of advanced technology and traditional healing methods with our multi-functional knee massager. This device is engineered to address muscle soreness, cramps, and fatigue by enhancing blood circulation and promoting swift recovery for injured areas. 

Embrace a new era of pain management and recovery. Invest in your well-being today.Experience comfort, technology, and relief with our Electric Heating and Vibration Massager. Backed by an NTC temperature control chip and enriched with red light heating functionality, 

Distinguished by its versatility, our Electric Heating Therapy Vibration Massager stands as a true multi-product innovation, catering not only to knee discomfort but also extending its benefits to shoulders and elbows. This remarkable feature sets it apart as a holistic physiotherapy solution capable of delivering targeted relief across various areas of the body. Whether alleviating knee pain, soothing sore shoulders, or addressing elbow discomfort, this massager adapts seamlessly to the contours of different body parts, making it a reliable companion for comprehensive pain relief and muscle recovery. The ability to target distinct areas of the body underscores its efficacy and underscores its potential to become an indispensable tool in your wellness journey.

Say farewell to constant adjustments, thanks to our innovative secure wrap-and-lock mechanism. This feature ensures stability throughout your session, eliminating the need for manual holding and freeing up your hands for other tasks.

Choose between two therapeutic modes: Type B, featuring red light therapy for optimal effects, and Type C and Type G, offering top-notch heating and massage functionalities without vibration.
This massager goes beyond conventional solutions, offering a comprehensive array of medical benefits:

Muscle Soreness and Cramp Relief: The combination of heat, massage, and optional red light therapy effectively relaxes tense muscles, alleviating discomfort and enhancing mobility.
Fatigue Alleviation: Calibrated vibrations stimulate blood flow, oxygenating tired muscles and reducing fatigue, empowering you to stay active.
Microcirculation Promotion: The heating, massage, and red light therapy enhance blood flow, delivering nutrients and oxygen for overall healing.
Accelerated Injury Recovery: Combining heat and massage reduces inflammation, encourages tissue repair, and speeds up the healing process for injured areas.
Warmth and Hot Compress Treatment:

Enhanced Blood Flow: Applying warmth to afflicted areas dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow and accelerating healing.
Muscle Relaxation: Heat therapy relaxes tight muscles, easing tension and improving flexibility.Pain Relief: The warmth from the hot compress triggers the release of endorphins, natural painkillers, for effective pain management.

Red Light Therapy:

Cellular Healing: Specific wavelengths of light penetrate the skin, stimulating cellular activity for tissue repair and accelerated healing.
Reduced Inflammation: Biochemical reactions triggered by red light reduce inflammation at the cellular level, benefiting chronic conditions.
Collagen Production: Stimulating collagen production aids in skin health and the healing of connective tissues, crucial for maintaining joint flexibility.

Heating and Massage:

Synergistic Effect: Heat and massage intensify each other's benefits, promoting relaxation, blood flow, and tissue mobility.
Enhanced Penetration: Heat relaxes tissues, allowing massage vibrations to penetrate deeper, resulting in profound relief.
Vibration Modes:

Deep Tissue Stimulation:
Carefully designed vibration modes target muscles deeply, loosening knots, and improving flexibility.
Neuromuscular Activation:
Vibrations stimulate nerves, enhancing connections and muscle control, aiding rehabilitation and function.
Incorporate our Electric Heating Therapy Vibration Massager into your wellness routine to experience a fusion of advanced medical features targeting pain relief, muscle recovery, and overall vitality. With the flexibility to apply this device to knees, shoulders, and elbows, along with warmth, massage, red light therapy, and various vibration modes, you'll discover a versatile and effective solution for your well-being needs.

For those seeking advanced therapy, our Type G variation is equipped with two pairs of EMS Electrode patches, allowing microcurrent massage therapy with adjustable modes and intensity levels, giving you full control over the strength of your massage.

Navigate your treatment effortlessly with our user-friendly digital display controller. Dictate temperature and vibration settings with ease, whether you prefer the intuitive touch screen or the tactile key screen.

Crafted from premium-grade diving fabric provide comfort and exceptional functionality, boasting elasticity and resistance to pilling. This lightweight and soft design ensures maximum wearability, making it suitable for various body parts. Whether you're targeting discomfort in your knees, seeking relief for sore shoulders, or addressing elbow pain, 


  • Certification -CE
  • Material-Composite Material
  • Battery Capacity- 5000mA

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The delivery came quickly .. vibration. The heat works well .. I'll try it well .. Thank you!!

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Excellent quality

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Very good product and easy to use