Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

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The Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repellent gets rid of rats, cockroaches, spiders and even mosquitoes in no time thanks to the power of Ultrasonic pulses that affect these pests! It’s Non ToxicSafeOdorless & Silent.

This product is essential in in family homes, warehouses, stores, hotels, hospitals, offices, gardens, and more.


  • Safe & non-toxic

Product relies on a microprocessor that creates a force field in your home by sending ultrasonic soundwave & pulses that randomly creates digital sequences which prevent pests from hiding within the walls.

  • Works on pest

Will get rid of common pest such as mosquito, flies, cockroach & rodents around your house. Does not affect your pet cat & dog.

  • Widely used

Our product can be commonly been purchased & used in family, warehouse, store, hotel, hospital, office, room, garden, hotel and other grain depot.

  • Works 24/7

The repellent will constantly emit 20~55KHZ high frequency ultrasonic wave so you will always be pest free at home regardless of what time is it.

  • Power-saver

With power consumption taking less than 5W, you won’t even increase your electric bill.

Product parameters:

  • Product range: Pest Repellent of Night light

  • Packing quantity: 1pcs

  • Product size: 9cm*5.6cm*5cm

  • Frequency: 22-45KHz

  • EU / US Plug

  • Power: 6 ~ 8W

ZT030 (3)ZT030 (5)

ZT030 (7)

ZT030 (4)


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