Ergonomic Wrist Support Silicon Rest Pad

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The First Fully Ergonomic Wrist Pad Designed for max comfort and to keep your wrist in a position of natural alignment.

Say goodbye to wrist pain and discomfort for good.

The Ergonomic Wrist Support Pillow will allow blood to flow to your hands properly instead of straining them on a hard desk surface, as well as relieve the pressure around your wrist and palm.

Smarter Design
Looking for a better-designed mouse pad? The Sovawn™ Ergonomic Wrist Support Pillow was created to be sound ergonomically as well crafted to stand out on any modern desk space.

Fully Ergonomic
The Sovawn™ Ergonomic Wrist Support Pillow was designed to keep your wrist in a position of natural alignment while working at your desk to ensure your wrists stay both comfortable and protected.

Find Your Natural Alignment
Proper wrist alignment with the right comfort means you can relieve symptoms like arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, mouse shoulder, and other general pains and strains.

Do More With Less.
Sovawn™ Ergonomic Wrist Support Pillow takes up less desk space while looking and performing better than traditional bulky, ugly, and poorly designed mousepads.


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Customer Reviews

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Edythe Nolan

Good quality, very comfortable

Miles Walsh

Great product

Princess Kerluke

Excellent Product, helped!