Polarized Photochromic Day/Night Pilot Sunglasses

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Elevate your outdoor experiences with our Fashion Pilot Sunglasses. Designed for both men and women, these sunglasses combine sleek style with advanced technology to offer exceptional eye protection.

With lightweight comfort, photochromic lenses, and polarized coatings, they're the perfect companion for all your adventures. Whether you're driving, running, fishing, or simply making a fashion statement, these sunglasses redefine the way you see the world.

Lightweight and Durable Design: Crafted with a focus on comfort and longevity, these pilot sunglasses are exceptionally lightweight, ensuring extended wear without discomfort. Engineered for lasting performance, they are an excellent choice for various outdoor activities, such as driving, running, fishing, golfing, skiing, climbing, and trekking. Whether you're on a mountain trail or cruising down the highway, these sunglasses remain your reliable companion.

Advanced Photochromic Optical Attributes: Experience optical excellence with the photochromic lenses of these pilot sunglasses. Designed with advanced chromic technology, they combat reflections and redirect light, enhancing clarity and contrast. Whether you find yourself under the sun or in the darkest conditions, these lenses ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience.

Photochromic Technology: Experience the future of eyewear with our advanced photochromic lenses. These lenses intelligently adjust their tint according to the ambient light, transforming from clear to a darker shade when exposed to sunlight. This means you no longer need to switch between different pairs of glasses as you move from indoors to outdoors.

Day-Night Versatility: Designed to enhance your vision day and night, our sunglasses offer exceptional clarity no matter the time. Whether you're facing bright sunlight or low-light conditions, these glasses ensure optimal visual acuity, reducing eye strain and providing a safer driving experience.

Anti-Glare Protection: Say goodbye to blinding glare from headlights, reflections, and bright surfaces. Our anti-glare coating minimizes distractions and enhances visual comfort during nighttime driving, helping you stay focused on the road ahead.

UV Protection: Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays with confidence. Our lenses provide reliable UV protection, guarding your eyes against long-term sun damage and reducing the risk of eye-related issues.

Enhanced Polarized Vision: Equipped with polarized lens coatings, these pilot sunglasses provide more than just style. They significantly reduce reflections and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. This polarization enhances contrast and perception, rendering these sunglasses ideal for varying light conditions, from partly cloudy to sunny skies.

Enhanced Durability with Alloy Frame: The frame material of these sunglasses is crafted from durable alloy, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities and daily wear. This added resilience contributes to their long-lasting performance and your peace of mind.

Uniquely Fashionable Look: Boasting a distinctive and high-performing design, these sunglasses feature lenses that are both functional and stylish. The innovative frame technology enhances contrasts, adding a touch of modern aesthetics to your ensemble. Embrace the fusion of performance and fashion, making a bold statement while enjoying superior eye protection.


Lenses Optical Attribute: UV400, Polarized, Photochromic

Lenses Material: TAC

Lens Width: 63mm

Lens Height: 55mm

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Customer Reviews

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Maribel Herzog

High fashion. Low price. I love it.
Women's magnet.

Christy Rodriguez

The 4th pair of glasses that I buy and always so satisfied. I recommend them. They are super nice and very good quality.

Joy Murphy

Nice glasses!

Olga Schneider

Very good quality product can buy is the same as the ad

Elaina Block

Glasses are great, I recommend everyone!!! Thanks